85th Fair and Rodeo features sustainability efforts

La 85a Feria y Rodeo presentará esfuerzos de sostenibilidad

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Tanya Dahlseid

Fair Manager



April 18, 2024 - The 85th Eagle County Fair and Rodeo will feature sustainability efforts that support the county’s strategic priority of protecting our mountain ecosystem. 

The Exhibit Hall at the Fairgrounds, a community-use rental facility, hosts the Cowboy Cafe during the Fair and Rodeo. It recently underwent an all-electric conversion. The project replaced aging propane-fueled heating equipment with high-efficiency electric heat pump technology to provide heating and cooling to the entire facility. The Exhibit Hall now produces zero greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

“The annual Fair & Rodeo is a family-friendly event our community looks forward to all year,” said Eagle County Facilities Director Jesse Meryhew. “Electrifying county buildings, such as those at the Fairgrounds, reduces GHG emissions, which is a wonderful way to honor our Western heritage by ensuring people will continue to enjoy the beauty of Eagle County and rodeos for years to come.”

The Fair and Rodeo will once again partner with the Walking Mountains Zero Waste program. This program will assist in reducing the total amount of waste produced by the event. In addition to prioritizing reuse, the Fair and Rodeo will extensively compost and recycle. Zero waste stations will ensure that virtually everything coming into the event is either composted or recycled. The intent is to have less than 10 percent of event waste go to the landfill.

To learn more about this year’s Eagle County Fair and Rodeo and to purchase tickets, visit the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo website.
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