Vegetation Stewardship

Vegetation Stewardship

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The Eagle County Vegetation Stewardship program mitigates the harmful effects of noxious weeds on Eagle County properties, open spaces and trails, right-of-ways, and private properties throughout Eagle County. We assist landowners by providing weed management recommendations and help in the development of integrated weed management plans.
Additional Resources

Report Weed Concern

Submit a noxious weed concern here.

You may also report a weed concern by sending an email to or call 970-328-3553.

Please include the following:

  • Your contact information
  • Location description
  • Physical address
  • Plant/weed names or descriptions
  • Photos (if available)
We will investigate noxious weed concerns that are reported anonymously, but having contact information will allow us to follow-up and ensure we have all the required information.
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