Environmental Health

Environmental Health

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At the Eagle County Environmental Health, our mission is to safeguard the health and well-being of our community by protecting consumers, the air we breath, and the water we drink through environmental health measures. Through education, oversight, and collaboration, we are committed to applying the environmental health laws set forth by Colorado Revised Statutes to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all visitors and residents to work, live, and play.

Our core service areas include retail food establishment safety, licensed child care facilities, school health and sanitation, and on-site wastewater treatment (aka septic's).

Retail Food
Environmental Health licenses and inspects retail food establishments. We review plans for new or remodeled retail food establishments. Food safety education is also provided.

Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems
Environmental Health reviews engineered designs for on-site wastewater treatment systems (OWTS) and issues OWTS permits for construction and repairs. We also license OWTS contractors and cleaners.

Schools and Child Cares (Institutions Program)
Environmental Health conducts inspections of all Eagle County's Schools and Licensed Childcare Facilities in accordance with State Law.
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