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The Road and Bridge Department provides maintenance on more than 500 miles of county road and snow removal on 260. Field crews make bridge repairs, grade dirt roads, fill potholes, and perform small-scale resurfacing and construction projects to provide safe, efficient roadways.

Contact: John Harris, 970-328-3542
Current Projects: Winter 2023
Please see our Winter Maintenance page for more information.

Road and Bridge FAQs
How can I identify a county snowplow?
Eagle County snowplows are white trucks with blue stripes - not to be confused with the Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) orange trucks. All of the the county's snow removal equipment have an Eagle County logo on the vehicle .
What time do crews start snowplowing?
Snow removal crews begin work between 3 and 4 a.m. and continue until all routes are complete. The crews are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Which roads are plowed first?
Roads are categorized on a priority basis and those with the higher priority designations are plowed first. These include school bus routes and access to emergency services.
Does the county maintain the interstate?
A common misconception is that the county's Road and Bridge Department maintains Colorado Highway 6 and Interstate 70, which are actually the responsibility of the CDOT. Information on road conditions can be found on the CDOT website.
What is the process for ice and snow removal on county roads?
Snow removal is accomplished with the use of snowplows and a sand /salt mixture for vehicle traction. The sand and salt mixture is mixed at a ratio of 95 percent sand to 5 percent salt. The salt is added primarily to aid in preventing sand stockpiles from freezing solid but also as a de-icer. The county does not use magnesium chloride as a de-icer on the roads in the winter.
Are all county roads maintained to the same degree?
No.While most county roads that are public right-of-way are maintained by the Road and Bridge Department to a set standard, there are certain roads that are categorized as "non-maintained." The public is free to use these roads, but they receive no regular maintenance and road conditions will vary.
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