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How do I contact a Commissioner?
The commissioners' email addresses are located on the Meet the Commissioners page and their office number is 970-328-8605.
When and where do the County Commissioners meet?
With occasional exceptions, the commissioners meet on Mondays for their work session meetings and Tuesdays for their regular (formal) meetings each week. Meetings are generally held in the Eagle County Building in Eagle, but are sometimes held at the EL Jebel Community Center. Agendas are posted each Thursday to the Agendas page.
How can I make a comment at a public meeting?
The board may open any of its Tuesday agenda items to public comment. Citizens may also submit written comments to the board of commissioners via regular mail or email. Citizen Input is a regularly-scheduled part of each Tuesday meeting, though it's generally reserved for citizens to speak to items not under consideration on that day's agenda.
Can I request a meeting with a County Commissioner?
Yes. You may contact the commissioner directly via email to request a meeting or contact staff at 970-328-8605. Please be prepared to state the topic you wish to discuss so the commissioner can collect appropriate information in advance, if necessary. If you wish to meet with two or more commissioners, please make a request to staff at 970-328-8605 or eagleadmin@eaglecounty.us. With the exception of executive sessions, any meeting at which two or more commissioners are present constitutes a public meeting that may be attended by anyone.
Does one County Commissioner represent me over another depending on where in the county I live?
No. Commissioners are elected and serve the community at large. Each commissioner must live in the district in which he or she runs for office. You are welcome to address your concerns to one or all county commissioners.
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