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GIS generates and maintains spatial information which aids in the creation of maps and data analysis to support county departments and their customers. The department provides strategic GIS support to departments while offering data dissemination and display, map production and property queries to the public through the GIS Viewer.

The GIS Department is responsible for maintaining the base mapping data for the county, including street centerlines, zoning boundaries, hydrography, trails and other core data layers. This data is used extensively by internal and external customers as crucial inputs to their business processes.

GIS Data

The GIS Department can provide digital data files upon request. Data is provided in ESRI Shapefile format, AutoCAD DXF, or Google Earth KML. Aerial photography formats will vary according to year flown. The 2004 color images are available in .sid or .jp2 format. The 2008 color images are available in .sid or .tif format. Please note: we are unable to convert imagery to other formats.

Eagle County GIS Data Projection Information: Colorado State Plane, Feet, Central Zone #3476, NAD 1983, NAVD 1988 (elevation)

Aerial Photo Information

Eagle County Aerial Photography is available on a tile basis. One tile covers a 3000 ft x 3000 ft area on the ground.

See below for the county's aerial photo coverage.
Projection data: Colorado State Plane, feet, Central Zone #3476, NAD 1983, NAVD 1988 (elevation)
County aerial photo data: 1998, black and white, ½ ft. horizontal accuracy
2004, color, 1/2 ft. horizontal accuracy, digital capture

2008, color, 1/2 ft. horizontal accuracy, digital capture
Eagle County Aerial Photo Tiles (70KB)

GIS Department Disclaimer

The GIS information shown on the following web pages is provided as a public resource for general information purposes only. The representation of locations in this GIS cannot be substituted for actual legal surveys. Use of this information is the sole responsibility of the user, and the County assumes no liability associated with the use or misuse of this information.
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