Mobile Home Authentication

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Once the Authentication Form is completed by the Treasurer's Office, the original and one copy of the form will be given to you. The original and the title must be taken to the Clerk & Recorder's Office to record the new ownership.

If the mobile home is moving, the Assessor's Office will issue an Authentication form that will be completed by the Treasurer’s Office, and a moving permit issued. If the mobile home is moving out of the county the current year taxes will be prorated and collected at the time the Treasurer's Office issues the moving permit. A moving permit must be used within 30 days of being issued.

What is an authentication form?
An Authentication Form provides proof that all property taxes have been paid on a mobile home. It is required by the State of Colorado to change title on a mobile home and it is also used to obtain a moving permit for the mobile home.
Where can I get an authentication form?
The Authentication Form must be completed by the Treasurer’s Office and/or the Assessor’s Office.
What taxes must be paid?
  • To change a title, all taxes billed must be paid.
  • To move within the county, all billed taxes must be paid.
  • To move out of the county, all billed taxes as well as prorated taxes for the current year must be paid.
What is the cost for authentication?
  • $1 to replace an expired moving permit (must have the original orange permit)
  • $1 second permit for a double wide
  • $10 authentication fee to the Treasurer
  • $7.20 title fee to the Clerk & Recorder, along wth a filing fee of $5/page ($10/page if the security agreement is larger than a legal size document).
What is required to complete an authentication?
  • Name and address of the buyer and seller
  • Name of the mover, if mobile home is being moved
  • Address where it will be moved
  • Serial number, make, year and size of mobile home
  • Sales price and the date sold
  • Taxes must be paid in full
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