Environmental Policy

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Eagle County’s adoption of an Environmental Policy Statement in 2013 helped to communicate our environmental priorities of wildlife protection, waste diversion and recycling, water conservation, clean air, greenhouse gas reduction, and adoption of clean renewable energy. The 2013 policy statement included the goal to reduce internal use and cost of natural gas, electricity, fuel, water and paper 15 percent by the end of 2015. The policy and goal supported improvements in building energy efficiency, investments in solar electricity generation, and helped to reduce energy costs. Each year the Board reviews the environmental policy statement and considers changes in our environmental priorities and goals.

Actively Green at Eagle County (2018)
50 percent by 2030

The Board of County Commissioners considers preservation and enhancement of the natural environment a top priority to ensure the health, safety, welfare, and economic well-being of its citizens. In the work we do every day, employees of Eagle County Government share a responsibility to protect and improve the quality of our natural environment.

Eagle County works to continuously improve our environmental performance. We are committed to protecting wildlife habitat, protecting clean air and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conserving water in buildings and landscapes, reducing use of paper, increasing waste diversion and recycling, and incorporating clean renewable energy to support our county operations.

Our Environmental Management System provides a structure for setting priorities, taking actions, and sharing results. We conduct internal audits and management reviews to assure that our actions are consistent with our policies, and compliant with environmental regulations.

In 2016 and each year forward, the county set a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from county operations 5 percent per year to achieve 50 percent reduction by 2030 (baseline 2012). Through innovation and continued investment in efficiency and renewable energy, Eagle County is working toward a clean energy economy that improves the health and quality of the community and local environment.

Environmental Policy Statement
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