Natural Resources

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Eagle County is home to diverse ecosystems, including forests, alpine tundra, shrublands, rangelands and agricultural lands, wetlands, and rivers, which provide natural resources in the form of native vegetation and wildlife habitat, water quality, clean air, timber, minerals, and forage for grazing. Natural resources are the essential raw materials for products that sustain economic development, social vibrancy, and environmental resilience. Natural resources influence our daily lives by providing us with food to eat, water to drink, fuel for energy production, and building materials, among many other products. Many residents are drawn to Eagle County because of its unique landscapes and natural resources and the County is a national and international tourist destination with world class outdoor recreation opportunities.

The Board of County Commissioners adopted a Strategic Plan
in 2021. Our work supports the strategic goal of Protecting our Mountain Ecosystems. We collaborate with local, state, and federal governmental and nonprofit partners on issues important to the community including watershed and river health, wildlife habitat, rangeland health, restoring native vegetation, review of mineral extraction proposals, and management of public lands. Some of the ways that we achieve our strategic goal include:

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