Emergency Plans

Emergency Plans

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Eagle County supports our public safety agencies with a wide variety of emergency plans. We are committed to a prepared, coordinated, and efficient response. The following Emergency Plans are available to the public to support understanding and participation in our public safety systems.

Emergency Operations Plan (Eagle County)
Eagle County's Emergency Operations Plan outlines how Eagle County coordinates with response agencies and the community to address the impacts of large-scale emergencies and disaster events. Eagle County Government is rarely the lead agency during an emergency response, but we play a critical role in coordinating resources and information to support our first response agencies, community organizations, residents and visitors. Click here for the full Emergency Operations Plan and all Annexes.

Emergency Operations Plan (State of Colorado)
The Colorado State Emergency Operations Plan outlines general guidelines on how the state carries out its response and recovery responsibilities to support local jurisdictions during an emergency or disaster event.

Hazard Mitigation Plan (Eagle County)
Eagle County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan provides an overview of local hazards; identifies ways that governments, public safety agencies and special districts can reduce the likelihood of these hazards occuring; describes the impact they have on our community. Working collaboratively, Eagle County Government, municipalities, public safety agencies, community organizations, special districts and members of the public developed this plan.

EC Community Wildfire Protection Plan 2023
Eagle County’s Community Wildfire Protection Plan serves to unite Eagle County and the local governments and response agencies that have jurisdiction in Eagle County. This plan complements local agreements for wildfire protection and aids in implementing a seamless, coordinated effort in determining appropriate fire management actions in Eagle County.

Community Wildfire Protection Plan (Town of Vail)
A diverse stakeholder group collaboratively developed the Vail Community Wildfire Protection Plan. These stakeholders have long-standing working relationships and collectively have the knowledge, skills and motivation to increase resiliency throughout the community.

Community Wildfire Protection Plan (Eagle River Fire)
The Eagle River Fire District Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) is the result of a community-wide planning effort that included extensive field data gathering, compilation of existing documents and geographic information system (GIS) data, and scientific analyses and recommendations designed to reduce the threat of wildfire-related damages to values at risk.

Community Resilience Plan (Eagle County)
The Eagle County Community Resilience Plan is the foundation and framework for County Staff, the County’s organizational partners and a diverse community of stakeholders to make critical decisions that address the County’s extensive range of climate change related risks well into the future. This planning process has been propelled by County staff and a technical advisory group composed of experts and representatives in diverse sectors from across Eagle County.

Eagle County Wildland Fire Operating Plan
The Eagle County Wildland Fire Area Operating Plan establishes standard operating procedures, agreed upon policies, and responsibilities to implement cooperative wildfire protection on all lands within Eagle County.
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