Recording Services

Recording Services

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Legal Advice Cannot Be Provided
The Eagle County Recording Office staff cannot help you complete legal forms or provide legal advice of any type. If you have questions about completing forms or the proper method of transferring property, please consult a licensed attorney. Thank you.
Recording Services
Record a Document/Recording Fees
General Information
Documents recorded become permanent public record and consist of real property transfers, marriage licenses, plats, liens, etc. Questions related to the type of document needed or how to fill out a document for a particular transaction should be directed to a title company or private attorney. The Recording Department staff does not have the legal training to ensure accuracy with these questions.

Submitting a Document for Recording
If you would like to record a document you can take it to the Eagle County Recording Office located at 500 Broadway Eagle, CO 81631 or mail it to the Eagle County Clerk & Recorder, Attn: Recording, P.O. Box 537 Eagle, CO 81631. Please include the recording fee (cash or check) along with your name and phone number in case we need to contact you.

  • Our Recording Fee Schedule will show you the payment amount to include with your documents based on the document type and number of pages.
  • Checks will need to be written as payable to Eagle County Clerk and Recorder.
  • After you provide us with the document(s) you’d like recorded you can use our Online Recorded Documents Search for confirmation.
Document Requirements
The recording department is governed by Colorado State Statutes. In order to record your documents without delays and prevent rejections, please view the items listed at the link below.

Search /Obtain an Electronic Copy of a Recorded Document(s)
General Information
The public records found in our Online Official Records Search relate to real property transfers, marriage licenses, plats, liens, and many other documents. Land records may contain restrictive discriminatory covenants;these covenants are illegal and unenforceable. The copies/images of the recorded documents can be obtained with our online search using the following categories: Name, Reception Number, Document Type, Book/Page, Legal Description, Parcel Number, Recorded Date, and Related Documents. When searching for a recorded document you will not be able to view/print it until it has been purchased. The online purchase fee is $3.00 per document plus a credit card convenience fee.  If needed, the assistance tools below will help guide you through your account setup, search, and/or purchase. Our office cannot conduct searches of public records on your behalf, pursuant to C.R.S. 30-10-101 (2.5)(c).

Document Search Assistance:


Click Here to Search/Purchase/Save/Print Recorded Documents

Search Tips:
  • One of the best ways to search is by “Name”
  • Change the date rage to limit your search results
  • The “U” on “Search Results” means the document has not passed final review.
  • Large documents, over 15 pages, will need to be saved as a TIFF image before printing.
  • Documents are available online immediately after they have been recorded.
Mail in a Copy Request for a Recorded Document(s)
Mail Copy Request
If you would like to request a copy of a document that has been recorded instead of purchasing it from our Online Official Records Search, please complete our Document Copy Request Form and mail it to one of the addresses shown o the form along with your payment.  Upon receipt, the Eagle County Recording Division will mail the copy you requested to the return address provided using the United States Postal Service.  If you need the copy you've requested to be expedited please mail us a prepaid return envelope along with your copy request form.  Thank you.  
Search Historical Indexes (1879 - 1986)
General Information
The Recording Department is responsible for recording and archiving public records relating to real property transfers, marriage licenses, plats, liens and many other documents. Documents and indexes between 1879 and 1986 have been digitized and their book and page can be found using our Historical Document Index Search. Our office cannot conduct searches of public records on your behalf, pursuant to C.R.S. 30-10-101 (2.5)(c).

Historical Document Search Assistance:
  • Select Grantor or Grantee Folder
  • Select the Year
  • Select letter associated with the Grantor or Grantees name
  • Scroll down the list to locate the Grantor, Grantee, and/or Instrument you’re looking for.
  • Once you locate the one you’re looking for, write down the book and page shown next to it.
  • Then go to our Search Recorded Documents drop down menu on the Eagle County Recording Department Website to learn more about how to search, purchase, view, print, and/or save the document image using the book and page you found.
If you do not need to look up a book and page between 1879 and 1986 you can go directly to our Eagle County Recording Department Website and select the Search Recorded Documents drop down menu for additional information on how to find and purchase a document you need online.
Request a Record Search Subscription/Escrow Account
Records Search Account
If you use our Official Records Search on a regular basis or have a project you’re working on you may want to request a monthly subscription or set up a prepaid (escrow) account that will allow you to login and purchase recorded documents regularly. Please click here to submit a Records Account Request Form. If you choose to submit a request you’ll receive an email confirmation and a member of our staff will contact you to collect your payment and finalize your account setup.

  • Monthly Subscription cost is $275.00 and will allow you to view and print documents available on our website for 1 month.
  • Prepaid (Escrow) Account requires a minimum deposit of $50.00 and allows you to view and print documents on our website using your account balance.
Extend Existing Monthly Subscription
If you have an existing monthly subscription and would like to extend it prior to expiration you can update it using the Official Records Search Account Menu. The following steps will guide you through the process:

  • Log in to the Official Records Search
  • Select the Account Tab on the menu bar
  • Select Manage Accounts
  • Choose the number of months (1-12)
  • Save Changes
  • Review the Account Summary
  • Proceed to Checkout
  • Select Payment Option and Continue
Electronic Recording of Documents
If you submit documents with Eagle County on a regular basis you may benefit from eRecording (electronic recording of documents). This service can reduce the cost of delivery and shorten the turnaround time to record documents. Approximately half of the documents recorded today are delivered electronically, and this number is growing!

Please contact one of the vendors below for more information on how to get started eRecording or email

CSC eRecording Solutions

eRecording Partners Network

800-460-5657 x 1037
How do I view, download, and print a document I purchased using the Online Recorded Document Search?
Answer:  In order to retrieve the document(s) you purchased. Go to the accounts tab and select transaction history. Then select the date range for your purchase. Lastly, click search and you should be able to view, download, and print the documents you purchased.
How do I get a copy of a document that was recorded?

Answer: Go to the Search Recorded Documents category on the Eagle County Recording Division Website then follow the instructions for finding and purchasing a document using the Document Search Tutorial and Recorded Document Search

What are the fees or costs to record a document?

Answer:  Please view our Recording Fee List

How do I change the name on a Deed?
Answer:  The answer to this question would need to be provided by a licensed attorney.  The Eagle County Recording Office cannot provide legal advice.
What do I need to do to record a Lien?

Answer: The Eagle Country Recording Office is not authorized to provide legal advice. Please feel free to review these Lien Statutes and contact a licensed attorney for guidance. 

How do I know if a lien has been recorded?

Answer:  You can find documents that have been recorded using your name/business by searching the documents that have been recorded online.  Please visit the Eagle County Recording Division Website.  Follow the instructions on the Document Search Tutorial and then use the Recorded Document Search to locate any documents/liens recorded with your name.  You may also want to contact a title company or independent researcher to help you obtain this information. 

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