Eagle County Regional Airport conducts FAA mandated exercise May 8

El Aeropuerto Regional del Condado de Eagle llevará a cabo un ejercicio ordenado por la FAA el 8 de mayo

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David Reid

Director of Aviation



May 1, 2024 - The Eagle County Regional Airport will demonstrate its Airport Emergency Plan response by conducting a full-scale preparedness drill on May 8 from 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. The exercise tests the readiness of airport personnel, first responders, and coordinating mutual aid agencies with a simulated aircraft accident. The FAA requires the Eagle County Regional Airport to conduct this exercise every three years. Official evaluators from neighboring airports and mutual aid agencies assess the local response and provide feedback on the effectiveness of the airport's emergency procedures.

Smoke, emergency equipment, and vehicles may be visible at the airport on May 8. The public is reminded this is a simulated aircraft accident, it is not necessary to call 911.  

"The exercise will be a major test of our response times, communication, and overall performance during an emergency. It will simulate an aircraft accident involving a Boeing 757, the largest aircraft type operating at EGE today," said Director of Aviation David Reid. “This is a valuable opportunity for our team to demonstrate how well-prepared they are and while we hope a crisis like this never occurs, we must always be ready to respond.”

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