Shift Your Ride: E-Bike expansion makes green transportation more accessible

Shift Your Ride: E-Bike expansion makes green transportation more accessible

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Kate Kirkman

Climate Programs Coordinator

(970) 328-8734

May 30, 2023 –  Eagle County is excited to announce the expansion of the Shift Bike electric bike (e-bike) share program, aimed at providing even more convenient and eco-friendly transportation options in the community. So shift your ride this summer and join the over 3,000 riders reducing their vehicle miles across Vail, EagleVail, Avon, and now Edwards.

A sustainable solution

Single-occupancy vehicles, such as small cars and trucks, account for 42 percent of Eagle County’s greenhouse gas emissions. In an effort to reduce this climate pollution, the Eagle County Climate Action Plan established recommended actions, including:

  • Reduce single-occupancy vehicle commute trips by two days per week;
  • Create a community-wide interconnected mobility system to support multi-modal transportation; and
  • Electric bike sharing programs.

The Shift Bike program incorporates these recommendations by giving people the opportunity to get out of their cars and onto e-bikes, utilizing the growing Eagle Valley Trail for a more fun and scenic commute in Eagle County.

When can I get on a bike?

The Shift Bike launch party is scheduled for Friday, June 2, from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. outside the Mountain Rec Edwards Field House at Freedom Park. E-bike deployment will start earlier that week.

How do I join?

Shift Bike’s pricing structure favors memberships and is intended for local commuting, rather than bike rentals which are best-utilized through local bike shops. Membership rates are as follows:

  • $25 monthly membership, which includes 60 minutes of daily ride time and only $0.15 per minute after that with no unlock fee.
  • $100 seasonal membership, which is the same as the monthly membership, but for 5 months!
  • $25 seasonal equity membership, which is the same as the seasonal membership, but for income-qualified individuals. There is also a reduced rate ($0.05 per minute) after the daily included 60 minutes.

See program website for more pricing details and to download the app (available in English and Spanish) to get started today!

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