Eagle County Regional Airport schedules emergency response exercises

Eagle County Regional Airport schedules emergency response exercises

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Jodi Doney

Terminal Operations Manager 



May 16, 2023 - The Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE) will conduct two separate emergency response exercises in May. Exercises help build preparedness for threats and hazards. 


“The safety and security of our passengers is our highest priority,” said Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) Captain Mike Friel. “Although we hope this never happens, the work we do in these exercises prepares us for any emergency. We are grateful to all the organizations that will be participating in our exercises this year.”

On May 19, EGE will review the Airport Emergency Plan with mutual aid partners. The airport is obligated to complete this training in May to remain in compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Attendees will include terminal tenants, airport staff, emergency management teams, and first responders. 

The purpose of this exercise is to simulate and evaluate the response of airport personnel and emergency responders, discuss roles and responsibilities with major stakeholders, provide training to tenants that may not receive this type of training from their organizations, and identify strengths and weaknesses in the airport's emergency response plan.

From May 22-25, EGE Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) will conduct live fire training. To meet the FAA Part 139 Live Fire Training, EGE is leasing a mobile Live Fire Trainer. The benefit to an onsite trainer is that ARFF members will complete their training together as a team. The trainer looks like the shell of an airplane fuselage and can simulate a real fire on the aircraft. This allows EGE to pick the most common aircraft type for EGE and train using local equipment while holding multiple fire drills during the time the mobile trainer is onsite. 

During the drills, it may look like there is an emergency at the airport. Smoke may be visible, and emergency equipment will come and go from the airport but is all part of the simulated aircraft accident. 

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