Eagle County releases new tool for viewing ballot images

Eagle County releases new tool for viewing ballot images

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Regina O'Brien

Eagle County Clerk & Recorder

Elections Division




March 16, 2023  – The Eagle County Clerk and Recorder’s Office released a tool allowing individuals to view the November 8, 2022, General Election ballot images.

Users can view, sort, filter, and download ballot images, as well as view the cast vote record and adjudication marks from the 2022 election. This online tool is meant to provide an extra level of election transparency. 

“We strive for openness and accountability in elections and this is a continuation of those efforts.  We are making ballot images available for free in a convenient format for anyone interested,” said Regina O’Brien, Eagle County Clerk and Recorder. “Eagle County is one of the few counties in Colorado offering this service.”

The tool is available at https://ballotaudit.com/eagle/#/login. Users must enter an email address and password to create a profile before gaining access to the tool.
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