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Floodplain Mapping

Note: For flood preparedness efforts and sandbagging resources, please see the FLOOD section under Emergency Management. More on FLOOD SAFETY.

Flood Image 2  The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) aims to reduce flood impacts by providing federally backed flood insurance within communities that enact and enforce floodplain management regulations. The Eagle County Engineering Department acts as the NFIP floodplain administrator for unincorporated Eagle County (Community # 080051).  The current Eagle County Floodplain Maps were adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on 1/4/2005, and were adopted by the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) on 12/4/2007. The maps replace 25 year old maps that no longer represent current conditions for portions of the Eagle, Colorado, and Roaring Fork Rivers. 


KNOW YOUR FLOOD HAZARD: Click this FLOODPLAIN MAPPING LINK to access digital floodplain mapping combined with the assessor's parcel data or call us to assist you in determining your flood hazard.

  • FEMA products referenced on the floodplain mapping (i.e. FIRM panels, LOMR, LOMA) can be found at: FEMA Products
  • Contact the Engineering Department at 970-328-3560 for assistance or to discuss your hazard. We would be pleased to speak with you about it!

DO I NEED FLOOD INSURANCE?  Assess your flood hazard and contact your insurance provider to see if you are covered.

BUILD RESPONSIBLY: Any development activity in a designated floodplain is regulated by Chapter II, Article 3 - Zone Districts of the Eagle County Land Use Regulations and requires a Floodplain Permit. Please note that new floodplain regulations have been updated as of 7/23/2019 under Eagle County Resolution 2019-049..

PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY: Click here to review actions you can take to protect your property from flooding.

PROTECT NATURAL FLOODPLAIN FUNCTIONS: An Eagle County Strategic Goal is to 'Protect the Natural Environment.' Consequently, our Stream Setbacks and Water Resource Protection regulation Section 3-340.C.6 requires that the 75' stream setback and 100-year floodplain be protected in their natural state. Please do not grade or remove vegetation in this area without an approved permit.


Letters of Map Revision (LOMRs) for Public Review:

PENDING: Roaring Fork River Restoration at Basalt Phase 2: Case No 20-08-0275P 

  • Information will be posted once FEMA review is completed, and it's available for public review and comment

PENDING: Roaring Fork River at the Robinson Ditch Diversion: Case No. pending 

Flood mapping is available in various formats, including:

Floodplain studies available at Engineering Department:

Available Elevation Certificates (ECs) - Contact the Engineering Department for copies:

  • 2366 S Frontage Rd W, Vail
  • 1 Deer Blvd N, Avon
  • 16 Cabin Creek Ln, Edwards
  • 48 Cattail Way, Edwards
  • 14 Canyon Ct, Eagle
  • 312 Cottonwood Rd, Avon
  • 529 Emma Rd, Basalt
  • 605 Emma Rd, Basalt
  • 1207 Hooks Spur Rd, Basalt