Meet the Treasurer

Meet the Treasurer

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Teak Simonton, Eagle County Treasurer, was elected as County Treasurer in 2016, after serving as County Clerk and Recorder for 14 years.  Ms. Simonton is responsible for all statutory and constitutional responsibilities for the Treasurer and Public Trustee offices. 

Having moved to Eagle County after completing her Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Economics at the University of Wisconsin, she began her career in multi-store retail management. During her time in the ski industry she gained extensive experience in personnel and financial management, customer service and computer applications, ultimately managing operations at 10 different ski shops in both Vail and Aspen.

Ms. Simonton’s innovative style and management skills, combined with her long residency in the valley and her appreciation of the broad spectrum of people who live and work here, make her well suited to the public service environment at Eagle County. She serves on the executive board of the Colorado Treasurer and Public Trustee Association, is a member of the legislative committee and has been a presenter at Association conferences on various topics.  She enjoys working with an outstanding group of financial professionals within the office and has great appreciation for the diversity and skills of her team. 

Out of the work place, Ms. Simonton spends time with her family; husband Cliff and sons Kyle (daughter in law Cassie) and Sands along with lab Grand pups Riva and Bode. She loves to cook, ride her bike, spend time in her garden and ski of course! As anyone who knows her would attest, she is committed to integrity and excellence in every aspect of her life.

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