Lienholder Information

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Eagle County foreclosure sales are held online through, Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. each week that there are properties scheduled for sale.
Lienholder Information
Sale Documents
In order for a property to be offered at the foreclosure sale, the Public Trustee must receive the sale documents from the lender by 12 p.m. (noon), two business days before the sale. The Current Week’s Auction List is posted every Monday afternoon. This list will show the detail, including the starting bid, for each property offered for sale that week.
Bidding and Deposits
Parties interested in bidding on a property must register online with RealForeclosure at

  • Deposits equal or greater than 10% of the bidder’s anticipated high bid must be deposited by electronic means through the RealForeclosure website or delivered in person.
  • Deposits must be received or confirmed as deposited in our bank no later than 5:00 p.m. mountain time on the day before the auction (Tuesdays).
  • If bidders are unable to attend the live sale dates and times, they may enter a proxy bid and the system will bid on their behalf up to the ceiling price they have indicated.
  • Lowering or cancelling a bid must be done prior to the start of the foreclosure sale.
  • Successful bidders must complete their payment through the RealForeclosure website, and must be delivered by wire transfer, cash, or certified funds no later than 5:00 p.m. on the day of the auction. Funds must be in US currency or drawn from a US Financial institution.
  • Unused deposits will remain in your account to be used on future bids, or you can request a refund by clicking the Request Refund button at this web site, Unused money will be refunded electronically or mailed as a paper check from the Public Trustee’s Office. Should a refund check be lost or stolen, please note there is a $25.00 stop payment/reissue fee per check.
Following the auction, the successful bidder is responsible for delivering final payments to the Public Trustee’s office by wire transfer, cash, or certified funds (certified check, cashier’s check, or teller’s check) in a timely manner to allow for the receipt of funds and the update of the bidder’s account balance to complete the purchase by 5:00 p.m. (Mountain Time) the day of the auction. All funds must be drawn from a US Financial institution and no foreign currency is accepted. Large cash payments will be reported to the IRS and we require the completion of all necessary IRS forms (available in our office).

Once the successful bidder has submitted the funds, the Public Trustee’s office will issue an Original Certificate of Purchase to be recorded in the Clerk and Recorder's office.
Post Sale
Once the sale has concluded, the redemption notice period begins. Under Colorado statute, junior lienholders have the right to redeem a senior lien if they have an interest in the property. Junior lienholders interested in redeeming a foreclosed lien can file a Notice of Intent to Redeem with the Public Trustee within eight business days of the sale. The written intent to redeem must be submitted to the Public Trustee’s office along with the original recorded lien. The fee for lienholders to file an Intent to Redeem is $50. If no Intent to Redeem is filed, the Certificate of Purchase holder may request a deed on the ninth business day after the sale. If our office receives an Intent to Redeem, the Redemption Period will begin 15 business days from the date of the sale. Each junior lienholder filing an Intent to Redeem will have 5 business days, in the order of their lien, to submit funds to redeem. For example, the filing lienholder in the first position would have from business day 15 through noon on business day 19 to submit funds. A filing lienholder in second position would have business day 20 through noon on business day 24.
Homeowner's Association - Notice of Intent to Redeem
If you are a Homeowner's Association planning to file a Notice of Intent to Redeem with our office, please see our Policy on the Redemption of HOA liens.

At the expiration of all redemption periods, the Certificate of Purchase holder/Certificate of Redemption holder may apply for a Confirmation Deed. The cost for producing and recording a Confirmation Deed is $43 for the first page, and $5 for each additional page (if applicable). The Confirmation Deed is the public record of the title transfer to the new owner.
Investors and Junior Lienholders - Redemption Status
Investors and junior lienholders can view the redemption status for any file in our foreclosure database. To register for an online training session with RealForeclosure, call customer service at (877) 361-7325.
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