Studies & Reports

Studies & Reports

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ECO Transit has developed studies to improve transit service and facilities within the ECO Transit service area. The most recent adopted and ongoing studies are available with additional studies available upon request. 

First/Last Mile Strategy Study - 2019

First/Last Mile Strategy Study
ECO Transit developed a First/Last Mile Strategy Study (FLMSS) to evaluate gaps and provide a set of recommendations that would help all users access transit more easily. A first or last mile gap is a barrier that discourages potential riders from using transit because a stop or station cannot be easily accessed. Recommendations include: bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure upgrades; transportation demand management tools; increased alignment with local transit agencies; and, bike share or ride-hailing service partnerships.

Project Documents
Transit Development Plan - 2018

Transit Development Plan
ECO Transit developed a Transit Development Plan (TDP) to identify short-term changes to improve service with only a very modest increase in expenditures (5 percent), that could be accommodated through existing funding sources. The effort focused on identifying improvements to ECO Transit service, plus additional efforts that ECO Transit could initiate to increase collaboration with Eagle County's other I-70 corridor transit providers (Vail Transit, Avon Transit, and Beaver Creek Transit) to develop a more seamless countywide system.

The TDP was adopted by the Eagle County Regional Transportation Authority (ECRTA) Board at their August 8, 2018 meeting.

Project Documents
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