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Acceptable Materials

  • Glass beverage containers - all colors
  • Cans - aluminum, steel and tin cans
  • Plastic containers - emptied containers #1-#7
  • Cardboard - corrugated
  • Office paper
  • Magazines

Acceptable plastic are #1 through #7 containers. Labels are accepted. Corrugated cardboard means clean, flattened corrugated cardboard boxes (corrugated means it has an undulation layer between two flat layers). Staples and labels are accepted.

Electronic Waste Recycling

Beginning July 1, 2013, Senate Bill 12-133, also known as "Electronic Recycling Jobs Act," prohibits the disposal of electronic devices (e-waste) in Colorado landfills. Eagle County residents and businesses may recycle their old electronics at the Eagle County Household Hazardous Waste Facility, located at the landfill. Cost to recycle e-waste is $.20 per pound. For any questions please call 970-328-3463.

Electronics that are banned from disposal include:

  • Computers and computer monitors
  • Televisions
  • Printers
  • Fax machines
  • DVD players and VCRs
  • Peripherals such as keyboards and mice
  • Radios and stereos
  • Video game consoles
  • Laptops and notebook computers
  • Ultrabooks, netbooks and tablets
  • Devices not included in the ban:
  • Appliances
  • Non-hazardous industrial or commercial devices
  • Motor vehicle components
  • Any type of telephone

Visit for more information.

Data Security

You are solely responsible for protecting personal information stored on the hard drive of computers or printers prior to recycling. Simply deleting files and reformatting the hard drive does not guarantee that all of your data will be destroyed. A better approach is to use special disk-wiping software designed to protect sensitive data. Another option is to remove your hard drive, either through a reputable vendor or by doing it yourself. You may destroy the hard drive by hammering a nail through it in several places or by deeply scratching the surface. Once you've secured your information, bring the drive to a professional recycler or to the HHW for disposal.

Where to Recycle

If you are living in a single-family or duplex residence in the Eagle Valley and use Vail Honeywagon or Waste Management, curbside pickup is available for the most common household recyclables. Contact your waste hauler for details:

Eagle County provides recycling opportunities for residents through a drop-off program at six collection sites located throughout the county. For further information about recycling please call, 970-328-3471
Please note: Material collected through this program is at the mercy of the recycling markets and does not include every product marked with the recycling symbol and number .

Site locations

  • Vail – West of the Community Development Building at 75 South Frontage Road
  • Red Cliff – Red Cliff Community Center, 400 Pine Street
  • Avon – Town of Avon Public Works, 375 Yoder Ave (just past Home Depot)
  • Edwards – 450 Miller Ranch Rd Edwards, CO 81632 (West side of the Mountain Rec Field House)
  • Eagle – 1050 Chambers Avenue at the Town of Eagle Public Works Facility
  • Gypsum – Northwest corner of Ridley's Market parking lot
Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)

The Recycled Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) began operations in January 2010. This facility is designed to process for market the recycled materials collected in Eagle County and adjoining jurisdictions. Having this facility in place and operational removes the barrier to our local recycling programs of distance-to-market. Collected materials are separated, baled and readied for direct shipment to end users. The facility utilizes both mechanized and manual sorting techniques to separate glass; steel/tin containers; #1 PET through #7 plastic containers; and aluminum beverage containers. In addition, newspaper and corrugated cardboard are also processed. This facility is owned and operated by Eagle County. For recycling information please call 970-328-3471, for electronic waste please call 970-328-3463.

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