Road Use Regulations

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The Eagle County Road Use Regulations were adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on Aug. 8, 2017. The regulations prohibit travel on portions of Cottonwood Pass for oversized vehicles without a permit. Any vehicle that exceeds 8 feet six inches in width, 14 feet six inches in height and 35 feet in length will require a permit to travel over Cottonwood Pass. Beginning Jan. 1, the length restriction will increase to 45 feet.

The Eagle County Road Use Regulations will impact passage over Cottonwood Pass from Mile Marker 15.5 to the foot of the pass just outside of Gypsum at Mile Marker 2.25. The regulations also allow the county to close certain roads during adverse weather.

Permits for oversized vehicles can be obtained from the Road and Bridge department by calling 970-328-3540 to set up an appointment at the Maintenance Service Center, located at 3289 Cooley Mesa Road in Gypsum. Applicants may prepare paperwork on site at the Maintenance Service Center or download the Cottonwood Pass Oversized Vehicle Permit Application to complete in advance.

The road use regulations are intended to enhance safety and the efficient movement of traffic as well as prevent undue damage on county roads. Please call 970-328-8685 for more information.
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