Waste Diversion

Waste Diversion

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Waste diversion starts with reduction. You can reduce waste at the source by:
  • Refusing single-use products such as bags, cutlery, and paper products. Opt for reusable products whenever possible.
  • Rethinking purchases and associated packaging. Avoid overpackaged products and consider buying secondhand.
  • Reconsidering what and how much food your household consumes to minimize food waste.
  • Repairing items before you repurchase.
Bag Ban / Plastic Pollution Reduction Act
Bag Ban Info

The State of Colorado’s Plastic Pollution Reduction Act (also known as the PPRA, or House Bill 21-1162) was passed in 2021 to reduce and mitigate plastic pollution in Colorado. Starting January 1, 2023, paper and plastic checkout bags distributed at large Colorado retailers will be charged a fee of at least $0.10 per bag. Eagle County Government has implemented the minimum fee of $0.10 per bag for those businesses that are not exempt and are located in unincorporated Eagle County. In 2024, the PPRA will expand to ban plastic bags and also ban expanded polystyrene (Styrofoam) containers.


Eagle County Small Store Exemption Form / Formulario de exención del Condado de Eagle para tiendas pequeñas

Eagle County Bag Fee Remittance Form / Formulario de remesa por bolsas desechables

What can I recycle? Where can I recycle?
For information on recycling, please visit Solid Waste & Recycling.
Where can I find more information about reducing waste?
You can learn more about reducing waste by visiting:
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