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Why focus on transportation?
In 2021, transportation accounted for 42% of Eagle County's total community emissions.
Pie Chart of Eagle County's total community emissions
Most of these emissions continue to come from passenger vehicles, particularly SUVs and trucks.
To make the biggest impact, efforts to reduce transportation emissions should focus on:
  • Increasing electric vehicle adoption
  • EV charging infrastructure
  • Public transit ridership
  • Alternative modes of transportation
Electric Vehicles and Charging
Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan for Eagle County
According to the 2021 inventory of Eagle County’s greenhouse gas emissions, transportation accounts for 42% of total emissions. To reduce these emissions, the 2020 Climate Action Plan Update set a priority action to increase the number of electric vehicles (EVs) registered in Eagle County by 2% each year. To meet this goal, Eagle County will need 13,542 registered EVs on the road by 2030.
Adding thousands of EVs will require significant investment in electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), commonly known as EV chargers. A lack of public EVSE is a barrier that many drivers cite as a reason for not purchasing an EV. As of December 2022, there were 106 public EV charging plugs in Eagle County. To support the goal of 13,542 EVs by 2030, Eagle County will need to add at least 1,129 public plugs (using a 12:1 EV-to-plug ratio).
The Eagle County Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan serves as an extension of the CAP 2020 Update, laying out resources and strategies for equitably-placed EVSE that will allow Eagle County to meet its EV adoption goal.
How can I get EV charging at my home or workplace?
Holy Cross Energy provides guidance for customers looking to install EV chargers at home or in the workplace.
For those in Excel territory, Excel Energy provides assistance for home charging.
EV Accelerator

EV Accelerator is a program that reimburses the installation of electric vehicle charging stations in garageless, multifamily residences. For more information and to see if your installation will qualify, read our News Post.

Public Transit Ridership
ECO Transit
For more information about public transportation in Eagle County, visit ECO Transit.
Other Ways to Reduce Transportation Emissions

Not enough money or space to purchase an e-bike? Consider participating in an e-bike share program.

Sole Power
From Memorial Day to Labor Day, you can participate in the Sole Power challenge to human-power your transportation while getting healthy and reducing climate pollution.
Air Travel
The Eagle County Airport (EGE) has joined The Good Traveler program. When you fly, you can purchase carbon offsets to balance the emissions from your travel.
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