Carbon Sequestration

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Carbon Sequestration Basics
What is carbon sequestration?
Carbon sequestration is any process that removes carbon from the atmosphere where it acts as a greenhouse gas and stores the carbon somewhere else.
Why carbon sequestration?
Pulling carbon out of the atmosphere helps reduce planetary warming and subsequent climate change.
How does carbon sequestration work?
There are two main types of carbon sequestration: geologic and biologic.
  • Geologic carbon sequestration locks carbon in geologic formations (rocks).
  • Biologic carbon sequestration puts carbon into living things like soils (yes, soil is living!), plants, and aquatic environments.
Work within Eagle County focuses on biologic carbon sequestration. Growing plants (especially trees) and improving soil health can help our community lower reduce atmospheric carbon.
How can I support carbon sequestration?
Explore the following resources to support carbon sequestration:
Image Carbon Sinks
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