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Why focus on buildings?
Construction and operation of buildings:
  • Consumes half of all material and energy flows,
  • Contributes half the waste filling up landfills, and
  • Accounts for half of the CO2 emissions in the U.S.
In 2021, building operations (heating, cooling, lighting, etc.) accounted for nearly 50% of Eagle County's total community emissions.
Pie Chart of Eagle County's total community emissions
As the electricity sector improves, natural gas will account for a growing share of the county’s emissions, and efforts will need to focus on electrifying homes, businesses, and government buildings.

Eagle County Climate Action-Electrification Programs from Eagle County Government on Vimeo.

Internal Operations Programs
How big are Eagle County operations?
Eagle County staff is working to measure and improve the comfort and performance of buildings, while decreasing energy use and costs.

The Eagle County Facilities team manages:
  • 81 buildings and
  • 800,000 square feet of conditioned space.
The three largest facilities within Eagle County Government are the:
  • Airport Terminal
  • Eagle County Building
  • Justice Center
You can explore their energy use and cost information at Eagle County is employing energy improvement strategies in these three buildings to spearhead improvements the the rest of county operations.
What is Eagle County doing to reduce its GHG emissions?
Eagle County has performed energy-efficiency improvements to its buildings, including LED installation, timers and controls, window improvements, and more to ensure each building uses less energy. Several county buildings have solar PV to produce renewable energy on site. Eagle County also purchases electricity through Holy Cross Energy's PuRE program, ensuring all electricity used is renewably sourced. Currently, the county is exploring ground source (geothermal) heat pump systems to maximize efficiency, reduce energy use, and save taxpayer funds.
Community Programs
Home Energy Improvement Assistance

Weatherization is like a blanket around your house. It keeps your heating/cooling in while keeping "the elements" out.

What can you do to weatherize your home?

Need help?

Rebates for energy improvement projects are available through:

As the electrical grid shifts toward renewables, transitioning from direct fossil fuel use (like gas furnaces and stoves) to electric will reduce emissions in our community. This shift is known as electrification or beneficial electrification.

How can you electrify the appliances in your home?

How can you accelerate the transition toward renewables while reducing your carbon footprint?

Rebates exist for all of these actions. See rebate links for more details.

Energy Smart Colorado
Energy Smart Colorado is a community energy efficiency program for existing buildings. Energy services include free coaching, low-cost home energy assessments, referrals to qualified local contractors, and access to rebates and financing for energy improvements. For more information please visit
The Energy Smart Colorado program is implemented by Walking Mountains Science Center (in the Eagle River Valley) and the Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE, in the Roaring Fork Valley).
ReEnergize Eagle County

 ReEnergize Eagle County provides critical home energy improvements for income-qualified residents at no cost while improving the health, safety, and comfort of homes. The ReEnergize program provides enrollment assistance in English and Spanish and coordinates funding from federal, state, and local governments, and utility programs to pay 100 percent of the cost up to a preset limit for identified improvements.

Qualifying households receive a home energy audit to identify and prioritize energy improvements, including air sealing, insulation, and replacing heating/cooling and cooking appliances with high-efficiency upgrades. Improvements are then scheduled and installed for free.

Households are qualified for ReEnergize based on combined income. Income limits correspond to 150 percent of the area median income (AMI) in Eagle County. 

ReEnergize is an Eagle County program managed by Walking Mountains in the Eagle River Valley and the Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE) in the Roaring Fork Valley. For more information, contact the Walking Mountains Energy Program at or 970-328-8777 for English and or 970-343-6530 for Spanish. Find more information about CORE’s programs at or contact CORE’s Energy Concierge at or 970-925-9775 x1003. 

Beneficial Electrification for Eagle County Homes (BEECH)

Income-qualified program that provides free weatherization assistance and electrical upgrades, including heat pumps, heat pump hot water heaters, and induction ranges (with cookware) in Eagle County homes for renters and home owners. 

Benefits include:

How can I apply?

If you don't meet income-qualifications for this program, reach out to Walking Mountains Science Center or CORE to help guide actions you can take in your home and associated rebates.

Multifamily BEECH

Multifamily properties provide an incredible opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the community while increasing the quality of life for a greater number of residents.

What does the program do?

The Multifamily BEECH program provides multifamily properties (4+ units per building) with engineered upgrades to existing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment and other electrification measures such as hot water heating, cooking, lighting, and more!

Does Eagle County pay for everything?

No, building owners are responsible for contracting with the engineer directly. All installation is performed at the building owner's expense.

How can I apply?

If you live in or own multifamily housing and are interested in this program, contact to see if your multifamily building is a candidate for this opportunity.

ECO Credits

Do you live in a deed-restricted home and need to replace your furnace or air-conditioned?
You may be eligible for incremental funds from the ECO Credits program. 

The Electrification Carbon Offset (ECO) Credits program is a local carbon offset program with funds to help locals electrify their deed-restricted home in Eagle County.

Why this program?

Many of Eagle County's deed-restricted homes were built around 20 years ago. Many have original furnaces. Installing heat pumps before the appliances fail maintains comfort on a prudent timeline. Heat pumps also provide the additional benefit of cooling in the summer.

How do I apply for the funding?

Reach out to Kasey Provorse at Energy Smart Colorado.

ECO-Build for Exterior Improvements
ECO-Build is a community program that supports resource-efficient design and construction of new buildings. The ECO-Build Checklist is submitted along with the building permit application. If a new building does not meet efficiency requirements, the owner may choose to mitigate impacts by (1) installing renewable energy onsite, or (2) paying a calculated fee into the ECO-Build Efficiency Building Fund, which supports efficiency and renewable energy projects throughout the county. For more information visit the ECO-Build Fund and Community Grants page.
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