Licensing & Regulations

Licensing & Regulations

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Tobacco Licensing and Regulations


  • Please submit an application using this link.
  • If any questions come up, please contact Maria Gonzalez via email or phone at: (970) 328-2616,
  • Please be aware that this tobacco license information is for retailers in Unincorporated Eagle County only (ie: not within a town's limits).


  • License renewals must be completed before the expiration date on the current license. Any application submitted after the license’s expiration date will result in a $250.00 late application fee in addition to the renewal fee. This fee will apply to any application received after 30 days of the license’s expiration date. If a business fails to submit a renewal application and continues to conduct business after their license expires, an unlicensed sale penalty will be applied.
  • Submit a renewal using this link.

State License Application:

  • In order to be fully compliant with tobacco licensing, it is required that a business holds a state license ALONG with a local license. State licenses expire simultaneously with a local license. There are penalties for operating without an active license.
  • To renew a state license, please follow the steps found here.
  • Please review the rules and regulations that apply to state tobacco licenses.

Payment options:

  • Payments will be accepted in the form of a check or credit card payment. 
  • Credit card payments can be made online.
  • All checks need to be made out to Eagle County Public Health and Environment.  Checks may be dropped off at the Public Health Office front desk or at the drop off box located in the entrance  of the Public Health Office. Checks can also be mailed to the following address:

    Eagle County Public Health and Environment

    Attn: Maria Gonzalez

    P.O. Box 660

    Eagle, CO 81631

Tobacco Taxes:

  • To file online please visit the online filing portal. Payments can be made by electronic check or by credit card.
  • For assistance with registering or filing your tax returns, please contact HDL support by email at or by phone at (970) 900-6776.

Helpful Links:

Secure Transportation Licensing & Permits

  • On December 20, 2022, the Regulations for Secure Transportation Services were adopted by the Eagle County Board of County Commissioners. The purpose of these Regulations is to set the requirements for the inspection, licensure and operation of secure transportation services for individuals experiencing behavioral health crises, in order to ensure high-quality behavioral health transportation within Eagle County.
  • For more information please call 970-328-7706 or email
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