Healthy Communities

Healthy Communities

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Opportunities for better health begin where we live, grow, work, and play. Achieving good health is easier when people are surrounded by healthy environments in their schools, workplaces, and neighborhoods. Eagle County Public Health & Environment strives to make health the available choice and the easy choice for all in Eagle County. The Policy and Partnerships team is focused on changing the laws, protocols and environments that impact our behavior so that healthier choices can be a real, feasible option for every community member. Creating healthy communities through policy, systems and environment changes cannot be done alone! This work requires the involvement of many sectors and meaningful power building within the community.

Mandy Ivanov, Policy and Partnerships Manager

Faviola Alderete, Community Health Strategist

Chelsea Carnoali, Partnerships Strategist

Jeff Corn , Data Equity Strategist

Nancy Beltran, Community Action Coordinator

Community Power Building

Building the power, voice and leadership of people across Eagle County is critical to changing the systems and policies that perpetuate inequities and create the conditions for poor health. Eagle County Public Health and Environment is working to intentionally build leadership skills and foster the power of individuals and groups that have historically been excluded from decision making, authority, and power structures. This includes developing a strategic vision for incorporating health equity in to decision making across diverse sectors and policy areas, and ensuring equitable practices in all aspects of community data including the administration, collection, interpretation and distribution.
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