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Regrettably, some property owners/managers do not meet state and county requirements regarding noxious weeds. When this occurs, Noxious Weed Control staff are tasked with motivating the non-compliant landowner to manage their noxious weeds. The Colorado Noxious Weed Act and its rules are very specific in outlining the processes and procedures the local governing authority must follow.

In general, after receiving a noxious weed report, county staff will:
  • Verify property ownership by searching the county Assessor's database;
  • Attempt contact with property owner by phone, certified mail, site visit or combination of these methods;
  • Follow Colorado Noxious Weed Act-specified roles with landowner and local governing authority; and
  • Conclude with the noxious weeds being subjected to management.
"It is the duty of all persons to use integrated methods to manage noxious weeds if the same are likely to be materially damaging to the land of neighboring landowners." - Colorado Revised Statutes 35-5.5-104

Note: Noxious weed enforcement proceedings are generally implemented for plants with uncommon or rare distribution; when a neighboring property owner registers a complaint; or for Colorado List A Noxious Weeds.

Colorado Noxious Weed Statutes
Colorado Noxious Weed Act
Rules Pertaining to the Administration and Enforcement of the Colorado Noxious Weed Act
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