Welfare Fraud.

Welfare Fraud.

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Protecting The Public Interest

Do you suspect that someone is providing false information to qualify for public assistance benefits or committing fraud in the use of benefits from a Human Services program?

There are two ways to file a report: 

Fraud Report

Please provide as much information as possible including:

  • The full name of the person you are reporting
  • Their date of birth or approximate age
  • Their address
  • The names and ages of the household members
  • Their social security number, if known
  • The type of fraud you suspect is being committed

  • Your fraud report becomes a legal statement if the complaint needs to go as far as the court system.
  • You may remain anonymous, but we would appreciate your name and phone number if we have any other questions.
  • Due to client confidentiality, we will be unable to release any information about the status of the investigation to anyone.
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