Employment Services & Workforce Training

Employment Services & Workforce Training

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Eagle County is known for its "Work Hard, Play Hard" lifestyle.  To help with the former, the community has a number of resources, including one offered by Human Services, to help find the job that's right for you.

Employment First is Human Services' in-house employment program, helping participants in Human Services' other programs find the jobs they're looking for, build their incomes, and reach their goals.  Employment First takes a very personalized approach, focusing on meeting people where they're at, understanding and addressing their specific goals and needs.  Food Assistance recipients who participate in Employment First get some extra assistance as well, being able to access additional financial help to help with some of the costs towards getting them to work.

Employment First can help with:
  • Building your resume and practicing interviews with an expert
  • Getting best practices every part of the job search
  • Finding the path that works for you to land the job you want
  • Building your work skills and know-how
  • Finding the resources to help you with whatever you’re facing
  • For Food Assistance recipients, extra cash for gas money and other job-related costs
If you’re interested in working with the program or in finding out more, contact Karl at 970-328-8732 or karl.jolliff@eaglecounty.us

For more information on the details of the program, please see the State of Colorado's Employment First site.

Colorado Workforce Center
Colorado Workforce Centers provide a statewide network of free services to job seekers including access to job listings, training programs, phone and internet access, and career counseling.

Edwards Workforce Center

0069 Edwards Access Road Suite 7 (Edwards Plaza II)
P.O. Box 1355
Edwards, CO 81632
Phone: 970-926-4440
Fax: 970-926-7287

Glenwood Springs Workforce Center
401 23rd Street, Suite 300
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
Phone: 970-945-8638
Fax: 970-928-0885

Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Colorado's Division of Vocational Rehabilitation offers very individualized and in-depth services to people with disabilities, helping anyone who wants to work get to work, no matter the type or how severe their disability.  

401 23rd Street, Suite 300
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
Phone: 970-945-1042
Fax: 970-945-3944

Center for Independence
The Center for Independence provides a variety of usually-free services, including job training and placement, to help anyone with a disability live more independently.  

823 Blake Ave, Suite 102
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
Phone: 970-718-5155
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