Child Support

Child Support

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Ensuring all Children Get the Financial Support They Need to Thrive

In Colorado, child support is considered a right of the child and both parents have a duty to provide child support until the child is emancipated. Eagle County's Child Support Services Program works with parents and caretakers to ensure that children get the financial support they need to thrive.

How we can help:

  • Establish a child support and medical support order
  • Collection of child support payments
  • Modify an existing child support order
Any parent and/or caretaker may apply for services on behalf of their children. The Colorado Child Support (CSS) services has launched a streamlined application that's available 24/7 - Apply online anywhere, any time.

You can find many helpful services on the CSS website including:

  • Applying for child support services
  • How to create an online account to view specific information on your child support case
  • How and when to request changes to a child support order
  • Different ways to make and receive child support payments
  • Frequently asked questions about child support in Colorado
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