Community Prevention

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Prevention Programming: A Chance For Early Intervention & Positive Outcomes
Eagle County’s Community Prevention programming provides a continuum of services to at-risk children, youth, and families by engaging individuals in voluntary prevention initiatives. Families are connected to a wide array of services, including mental health services; recreational services; behavioral therapy; coaching and mentoring; academic services; family and parenting education; primary health care; and drug and substance abuse support.  By building on individual and family strengths, our team works to decrease recidivism and prevent future involvement and/or deeper penetration into our judicial and child welfare systems.

Colorado Community Response
Colorado Community Response (CCR) is a voluntary program designed to provide a comprehensive, community-based service continuum for families at-risk for child maltreatment through a combination of case management, service linkages, and community support.

As part of a group of cornerstone prevention programs formed or expanded under the state’s Child Welfare Plan 2.0, CCR targets families who have been referred to the child welfare system for alleged child abuse and neglect but whose case has been “screened out” or closed after initial assessment.

Learn more about the impact prevention services can have on families:

Collaborative Management Program

The Collaborative Management Program (CMP) is designed to assist your family while you are involved  with multiple agencies, like the schools, mental health or other agencies listed below. The goal of CMP is to reduce stress and burden on families by increasing communication between these systems.

The CMP increases communication between systems and families through meetings called Family Meetings. Family Meetings bring together families and all the professionals Involved in supporting your family from the different systems. The CMP member  will schedule the meeting and reach out to the people you would like to participate.

Interested in scheduling a Family Meeting? Complete the referrals forms linked below. 

Family Meeting Referral - English                       Family Meeting Referral Form - Spanish

Program Description English
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For any questions please contact: 

Jessica Beegle
Family Well-Being Coordinator
Phone: 970-471-0373

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