Interactive Maps

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My Neighborhood Map

View the locations of Eagle County Government services, public transportation options, public and private schools, libraries, emergency services and more through this easy-to-use map.
Eagle County GIS Viewer

Allows users to search for a property by address, parcel, or schedule number. Includes several layers used by advanced users. View an elevation profile, make measurements, create a custom map, and conduct an advanced search by attributes, geometry, buffers. Search results can be exported into a downloadable table.
Eagle County Open Space Finder

View information and pictures of Eagle County Open Space properties. Search by location, property name, and recreational activity. To view all trail locations go to the Colorado Trail Explorer.
Eagle County Historic Traffic Counts

View Eagle County historic traffic count data.
Eagle County Maintained Roads

View roads maintained by Eagle County Road & Bridge.
Eagle County Voter Precincts

View Eagle County voter precinct boundaries.
Eagle County Commissioner Districts

View Eagle County commissioner district boundaries.
Sustainable Food Map

View sustainable food producers within a 100 miles of the Town of Eagle.
Eagle County Employee Housing

Shows the location and types of employee housing located within Eagle County.
Eagle County Wildfire Map Viewer

Shows the wildfire hazard ratings throughout Eagle County.
Eagle County Senior Housing Map

Informs older adults on options for safe, high-quality, and accessible independent housing in Eagle County.
FEMA Floodplain Map

Informs users on FEMA map information in Eagle County.
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