Eagle County Lodging Tax Marketing Committee

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On November 8, 2022, the voters of Eagle County approved a lodging tax for unincorporated Eagle County (Eagle-Vail, Edwards, El Jebel, and surrounding areas) and the Town of Gypsum. A portion of those funds (10%) are to be directed towards marketing, communications, and engagement that benefit the areas subject to the lodging tax within Eagle County. The Eagle County Lodging Tax Marketing Committee is responsible for the disbursement and administration of those funds, with support from Eagle County Government. 
2024 Request for Funding
The Eagle County Lodging Tax Marketing Committee is responsible for the administration of 10% of the lodging tax funds, with support from Eagle County Government. The Lodging Tax Marketing Committee has developed its mission, vision, and strategies to direct these funds, as outlined in the Organization and Program Eligibility section (below). These funds shall not be used for any capital expenditures, with the exception of tourist information centers.  It is anticipated that total funds for this 2024 disbursement period will be approximately $300,000. The level to which an applicant's program is funded will be based on the merits of the application, as determined by the Eagle County Lodging Tax Marketing Committee.
  • Applicant organizations must be in existence for at least three (3) years prior to requesting funds.
  • Applicants must fall into one of the following categories: 
    • Organizations exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(C)(3 or 6) of the Internal Revenue Code, 
    • A for-profit, independently owned local business. The business must be registered with the Colorado Secretary of State's office, and be in good standing with Eagle County for required permits, licenses, taxes, and fees
    • Special districts or authorities that do not collect lodging tax, or
    • Municipality of Gypsum.
  • Your project must support the key priorities of the Eagle County Lodging Tax Marketing Committee:
    • Focuses on tourism, arts and culture, or recreational activities.
    • Promotes sustainability, vitality, and good stewardship.
    • Focuses on marketing, communications and community engagement.
  • Applicant organization and project must focus efforts on the geographic areas that collect lodging tax (unincorporated Eagle County and municipality of Gypsum), to the greatest extent possible. 
  • Any program funded by the grant award must produce positive, measurable results. 
  • Funding is disbursed in two lump sum amounts, at the commencement and upon completion of program reporting; therefore, organizations must have a source of cash-flow to support their projects during the award period. Funding cannot be used for expenses already paid for by any other local, state, or federal grant funding.

February 15 - Application Opens 
March 14 - Application Closes
March 21 - April 11 - A one-on-one meeting with the Eagle County Lodging Tax Committee is required before the application can be approved. Please contact Abby Dallmann at abby.dallmann@eaglecounty.us to schedule an appointment within the time frame stated.
April 17 - Awards will be selected and applicant organizations will be notified
Please send the following documents to Abby Dallmann at abby.dallmann@eaglecounty.us 

Financial Documents 
  • Organization’s annual Operating Budget
  • Financial Statements, including Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement for most recent fiscal year
  • W9 
Non-Profit Determination Letter
  • Non-profit organizations must submit tax-exemption determination letters from the United States Internal Revenue Service.
Articles of Incorporation/By-Laws
  • Articles of incorporation and/or by-laws help us establish who has the authority to bind the organization by contract.
Designation of Authorized Official 
  • In addition to the Articles of Incorporation and/or by laws, documentation of the governing body’s authorization for the representative of the agency to contractually bind the agency is also needed, and consists of a signed letter from the Chairperson of the governing body providing the name, title, address and telephone number for each authorized individual.
List of Current Board of Directors or other principals of the entity

2024 Application - Application is now closed
2024 Scoring Rubric

2023 Annual Report
Meeting Agendas
Meeting Minutes
Bylaws (forthcoming)
Member Name District Officer Term Expires On
Jeff Andrews Vail/Eagle-Vail/Avon and surrounding areas Vice-Chair June 1, 2025
Hanna Albertson Edwards/Eagle and surrounding areas Secretary June 1, 2025
Ben Dodd Gypsum Member June 1, 2024
Betina Infante Roaring Fork Valley portion of Eagle County Member June 1, 2026
Tom Boyd At-Large Chair June 1, 2026
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