Traffic Count Data

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Each year traffic counts are collected by Engineering on various county roads. Mobile counting devices are placed at specific locations to count the average daily traffic (ADT) on the road. This information is valuable in the design of new roads as well as for road improvements and maintenance. Traffic counting can also track changing traffic patterns due to new roads and developments.

Two solar powered, permanent traffic counters that provide continual traffic counts have been placed on Eagle Road in Eagle-Vail and Fairgrounds Road in Eagle. Other traffic counts are performed on the major roads in Eagle County on a rotating schedule - approximately once every three years. County roads with average daily traffic (ADT) counts of 1,000 vehicles per day or greater are scheduled more frequently, with counts performed approximately once a year.

View historic traffic count data on GIS. View historic traffic count data on spreadsheet. Please contact us at 970-328-3560 if you would like additional information regarding our traffic count program. Traffic counts for I-70, Hwy 6, Hwy 24, Hwy 82, and Hwy 131 are maintained by the Colorado Department of Transportation.
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