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Engineering programs cover a broad range of activities in which the department participates, including regional transportation planning, infrastructure monitoring, and interaction with other local municipalities.

CDOT Access Permitting: We work with CDOT to administer permits for access to state highways within Eagle County. For questions about new or existing driveways on state highways, please contact the Engineering Department. For additional information, you can review the Access Permits section on our Permits page.

Adopt-A-Road/Adopt-A-Trail: ECO Trails, Road & Bridge, and Engineering work together on the county's Adopt-A-Road and Adopt-A-Trail programs. More information on these programs can be found on the Permits page.

Safe Routes to School: Colorado Safe Routes to School is a state grant program that aims to provide funding for infrastructure and non-infrastructure improvements to improve the safety of children on the way to school. Engineering works with community groups to determine the routes that are used to get to schools and also what, if any, improvements can be made to make those routes safer.

Traffic Counting: The Engineering Department tracks the traffic volume on county roads through a system of permanent and temporary traffic counters to better understand traffic patterns and growth. During the summer we undertake a program of placing temporary counters on a rotating schedule that cycles through the roads in 3-4 years. In areas where new roads have been constructed, we have placed permanent counters that monitor traffic year-round, and that data is collected a few times a year.

Pavement Management: Working with Road and Bridge, we catalog the condition of county roads to aid in the maintenance and repair of the roads. This program aims to direct maintenance resources efficiently to prevent roads from deteriorating to the point where costly reconstruction is required.

Traffic Control Device Inventory: Through survey of roadway signs and markings we maintain a database of traffic control devices to ensure that county roads are signed effectively and safely. We augment this database with a yearly survey in which we ask citizens to contact us with any problems they notice with traffic control devices. We are always open to requests for additional or changing signage.

Traffic Control Sign Requests: Occasionally traffic control signs are damaged or additional signage may be helpful, and we work with citizens to provide accurate, safe signs along the county's roads. If you would like to request a sign please contact this office or email at While too few signs can be unsafe, too many can be a hazard or nuisance. When we receive a sign request, the Engineering Department works to identify the needed signage and then performs field studies to verify that the proposed sign will be safe and effective.

Traffic Calming: On occasion, the county is contacted to request that traffic is slowed down on streets within a subdivision, a particular street or specific segments of a street. All such requests are addressed by the Engineering Department and should be forwarded to engineering staff. A traffic calming request should be submitted by the proper authority representing the community at the area of concern. The Engineering Department will work with that authority towards an appropriate solution. Prior to the physical alteration of any roadway, other non-infrastructure improvement methods are given consideration.

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