Mapping Studies

Mapping Studies

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The current Eagle County Floodplain Maps were adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on 1/4/2005, and were adopted by the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) on 12/4/2007.

Effective Mapping

Letters of Map Change (LOMC) available for public review

PRELIMINARY: Eagle County Risk Map Project Physical Map Revision (PMR) study on the Colorado and Roaring Fork Rivers.

Floodplain Studies

Available Construction Certificates (ECs and others)

  • 205 E Cottonwood Rd, Avon
  • 312 Cottonwood Rd, Avon
  • 1 Deer Blvd N, Avon
  • 529 Emma Rd, Basalt
  • 605 Emma Rd, Basalt
  • 1207 Hooks Spur Rd, Basalt
  • 23 Peach Blow Rd, Basalt
  • 14 Canyon Ct, Eagle
  • 16 Cabin Creek Ln, Edwards
  • 18 Cabin Creek Ln, Edwards
  • 48 Cattail Way, Edwards
  • 2366 S Frontage Rd W, Vail
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