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Engineering Department Fee Schedule

  • Engineering Services, $120/hour
  • Floodplain Permits, $250
  • Land Survey Plat Deposit, $20/page
  • Grading Permit Fees, Varies
  • Public Way Permit Fees, Varies
  • Photocopies, $.25/page
  • State Highway Access Permits, $300
  • Wide Format, $10/Page
Transportation Impact Fee FAQ
What is a Transportation Impact Fee?
It is difficult to fund the transportation capacity improvements necessary to meet the needs of a growing community. As a result, many communities use a Transportation Impact Fee to help fund projects made necessary as a direct result of that growth. Eagle County adopted Transportation Impact Fees in 2001 to help fund these capacity improvement projects. The purpose of the Transportation Impact Fee is for development to contribute its proportionate share of the cost of providing the provisions identified in the Transportation Capital Improvement Plan.
What is the Transportation Capital Improvement Plan?
As development continues throughout the County, improvements are necessary to ensure that the public transportation system continues to operate safely while carrying the increased traffic volume. The Transportation Capital Improvement Plan has been developed to identify the projects which will be necessary for our roadways to continue to function for the residents and visitors of Eagle County. The Transportation Capital Improvement Plan is for projects which will improve roadway capacity and is not for standard maintenance. The Transportation Capital Improvement Plan is available here.
When are Transportation Impact Fees paid?
The amount of the fee shall be determined and paid at the time of issuance of a building permit for the development, or other associated actions of Eagle County having the effect of permitting the development of land.
How will the Transportation Impact Fees collected be used?
All impact fees collected must, by law, be kept in a fund separate from other County monies and can only be spent on projects which increase road capacity or public trail segments in the County.
How is the amount of the fee determined?
The Transportation Impact Fee is calculated as a per trip cost for future capacity needs. The Transportation Impact Fee Committee recommends changes to the Transportation Plan, Transportation Impact Fee Study, or Transportation Capital Improvement Plan at least once every five years.
How do I know if I will owe a Transportation Impact Fee?
Transportation Impact Fees are based on the date of Final Plat approval by the Board of County Commissioners.

Development approved before May 15, 2001 is exempt from Transportation Impact Fees.

Development approved after May 15, 2001 is assessed at the current fee schedule found in Chapter 2 Section 2.11 of the Engineering Criteria Manual.
I live on a private road that is not maintained by the County. Why should I pay a Transportation Impact Fee?
It is correct that Transportation Impact Fees are not used to improve privately owned and maintained roads; however, the fees collected are used to improve the public transportation network we all use to get around our community for work, shopping, and recreation.
When is the next Transportation Impact Fee update?
The current Transportation Impact Fee was adopted in 2023.  The next study is anticipated for 2028.
Where can I learn more?
Please see Article 4 Section 4-710 - Transportation Impact Fees of the Eagle County Land Use Regulations and Chapter 2 of the Engineering Criteria Manual or call us at 970-328-3560.
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