Mitigation & Wildfire Protection

Mitigation & Wildfire Protection

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Eagle County’s Office of Mitigation and Wildfire Protection aims to reduce the impact of wildfires and other disasters by taking action before those disasters occur. Mitigation tactics can include changes to vegetation, building with fire resistant construction materials, improving water supplies, ensuring emergency access, and planning for a safe evacuation. Mitigation may not prevent every emergency, but these efforts help protect people, property, and the environment during a catastrophic event. Learn about accomplishments and progress towards Eagle County's Strategic Wildfire Mitigation Goal here.

Eagle County's Community Wildfire Protection Plan identifies areas at risk and outlines action plans to protect life, property, and infrastructure through strategic mitigation actions across the county. Wildfire Regulations require all new development, new construction, and additions to existing structures to comply with wildfire mitigation best practices as they carry out their building projects. For motivated residents, Eagle County provides free property assessments through the REALFire® Program to help residents learn specific ways to reduce wildfire threat and connect participants with funding to carry out their own home mitigation projects.

Eagle County's mitigation programs are a collaborative effort with our local fire departments, municipalities, state and federal land partners, and invested community partners. Learn more about our partnerships below.

Wildfire Information for Building Permits
  • Request a Wildfire Hazard Rating: Wildfire hazard ratings are required for all new residential and commercial builds and projects that change an existing structure’s square footage or alter the exterior of an existing structure. They are dependent upon an extensive list of factors that exist within the property boundary, including vegetation, proximity to a water source or hydrant, ease of ingress and egress, and location of power lines. They can be influenced by construction materials used for previously existing structures and range from low to extremely high. If a parcel is rated as moderate or above, Wildfire inspections will be required and a $200 permit fee will be applied (this excludes roofing permits).
  • Construction Guidelines for Wildfire Hazard Areas in Eagle County
  • To schedule a Wildfire Inspection, please call (970) 328-8816 or email
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