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Horticulture/Small Acreage Management

Eagle County is a rural resort mountain community on the western slope of Colorado. With a population of 52,197, it is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains approximately 100 miles west of Denver. Most of the population resides in the Eagle River Valley; however, the county also has population centers in the Roaring Fork Valley along Highway 82, which includes the residential communities of Basalt and El Jebel. Eagle County has an incredible geographic diversity covering over 1,694 square miles, 80 percent of which is federally managed. The economy revolves around tourism and recreation with a growing local food movement.

The purpose of the horticulture/small acreage agent is to provide leadership, organization, implementation and direction in the development of educational programs in horticulture and small acreage management in Eagle County.

The horticulture agent and Colorado Master Gardeners offer assistance with questions about plants, pests, landscape maintenance, vegetable production, land stewardship and more.

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Colorado State University, US Department of Agriculture and Eagle County cooperating. Extension programs are available to all without discrimination.
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