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Zoning determines the type and intensity of land use within a given area. Zoning regulations govern the following:
  • Allowable uses
  • Building restrictions
  • Setbacks
  • Density
  • Minimum lot size
All county zoning restrictions are found in Article 3 - Zone Districts of the Eagle County Land Use Regulations.

Zone Districts in Eagle County
  • RMF - Residential Multi-Family
  • RSM - Residential Suburban Med. Density
  • RSL - Residential Suburban Low Density
  • RR - Rural Residential
  • AL - Agricultural Limited
  • AR - Agricultural Residential
  • RL - Resource Limited
  • R - Resource
  • RP - Resource Preservation
  • BC - Backcountry
  • FH - Fulford Historical
  • CL - Commercial Limited
  • CG - Commercial General
  • I - Industrial
  • RC - Rural Center
  • PUD - Planned Unit Development
Each zone district has a minimum acreage or square footage, allowable uses, building restrictions, etc. PUD zone districts are special in that each PUD has its own zoning regulations which have been created specifically for that PUD development. These PUD guides are the governing documents for that zone and are enforced by the county.

The county’s official Zone District Maps identify current zoning on all properties located within unincorporated Eagle County. Zoning inquiries can be handled either in person at the planning office or by phone. Planners verify zoning by use of parcel number and/or legal description.
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