PUD Guides

PUD Guides

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Conventionally zoned subdivisions use the standards, restrictions, allowable uses and other criteria as established in the Land Use Regulations. A Planned Unit Development (PUD) allows for variations from the strict application of the standards of the county's conventional zone districts in order to allow flexibility for landowners to creatively plan for the overall development of their land. This allows the achievement of a more desirable environment than would be possible through the strict application of conventional zoning. PUDs essentially create a custom zone district in the form of a PUD Guide which contains its own standards, restrictions, uses, and so forth. Listed below are the existing PUD guides for all planned unit developments in unincorporated Eagle County.
*McGrady Acres PUD - Some lots have been annexed into Avon

6 West PUD

10 Acre PUD

Adams Minor PUD

Adams Rib PUD

Anglers PUD

Arrowhead at Vail PUD

Arrowhead River Ranch PUD

Beaver Creek PUD

Berry Creek_Miller Ranch PUD Amendment

R18_062 Amendment to file PDA-6404

Berry Creek Ranch PUD_Singletree

Berry Creek-Miller Ranch PUD

Blue Lake PUD

Blue Ridge_Shadowrock PUD_2003

Brett Ranch PUD

Chadwick PUD

Chambers Ranch PUD

Colorado River Ranch PUD

Cordillera Subdivision PUD

Cordillera Valley Club PUD_2021

Crawford Eagle Crest Nursery PUD

Creamery Gulch Ranch PUD

Crown Mountain PUD

Diemoz River Ranch PUD

Donlon Ranch PUD

Dotsero Ranch PUD

Eagle County Airport PUD

Eagle Dakota PUD

Eagle Valley Religious Foundation PUD

Eagle-Vail PUD_2012

East Squaw Creek Minor PUD

Edwards Design and Craft Center PUD

Edwards Medical Center PUD_2017 Amendment

Edwards Nursery PUD

Edwards River Park PUD

El Jebel Texaco PUD_2016

Elliot Ranch PUD

Fly-N-Eagle PUD

Fox Hollow PUD

Fox Run Meadows PUD

Frost Creek PUD

Green Ranch PUD

Grouse Bar Ranch PUD

H&R Contracting PUD

Hagedorn PUD

Harmony View Subdivision PUD

Heritage Park PUD

Homestead Open Space PUD

Homestead PUD Filing 1

Homestead PUD Filing 2

Homestead PUD Filing 3

Knudson Ranch PUD

Kodiak Park PUD_Expired

Kudel PUD

Logan Park PUD

McCoy Creek Cabins PUD

McCoy Springs at Arrowhead PUD

McGrady Acres PUD

Millers Creek PUD Filing 1

Millers Creek PUD Filing 2

Myers Estates PUD

New York Mountain PUD

Northstar Center PUD

Nottingham Cottages PUD

Old Edwards Estates PUD

Pilgrim Downs PUD

Powell Park PUD

Ranch House PUD

Red Mountain Ranch PUD_1

Red Mountain Ranch PUD_2

Red Rock Ranch PUD

Red Sky Ranch PUD

River Forge PUD

River Pines PUD

Riverwalk PUD


Roundup River Ranch PUD

Shepard Minor PUD

Siloam Springs PUD

Spring Creek Acres PUD

St Clare of Assisi PUD

Stillwater PUD

Streamside at Vail PUD

Sweetwater Ranch PUD

Tree Farm PUD

Two Rivers Estates and Two Rivers Village PUD

Ute Creek PUD

Vail Christian High School PUD

Vines at Vail PUD

Webb Minor PUD

West End PUD

Willits Bend PUD

Willow Creek Minor PUD

Wolcott PUD

Woodland Hills PUD

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