Pre-application Meeting

Pre-application Meeting

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Thinking about submitting a land use development permit application to Eagle County? Please read the following information to determine if you are ready for a pre-application conference, which is a required meeting prior to submitting an application. Have just some general questions? Visit our FAQ page for a quick reference guide. Call or email a Planner on Duty: | 970.328.8746.
ECLUR - Section 5-210.C Pre-Application Meetings
Pre-Application Meeting
Pre Application or Consultation Meeting?
What is the difference between a consultation and PreApp Meeting?

Consultation Meetings - Not Required, but Helpful: A consultation meeting is not required, however, some applicants prefer to have a consultation meeting to discuss ideas and potential processes. Staff may also recommend a consultation meeting based on the amount of information available or how developed an idea is at the time of a meeting request. Consultations are used when applicants are brainstorming a potential application. Multiple consultations may be scheduled prior to a pre-application meeting. To schedule a consultation meeting, please contact or call 970.328.8746.

Pre-Application Meeting - Required for All Land Use Files: Pre-Application meetings are designed to inform applicants and their representatives of the expected process and requirements when considering a Land Use Development Permit Application submission. Applicants will have the opportunity to meet and receive feedback from Eagle County staff at the pre-application meeting. Applicants should provide preliminary application materials when scheduling a pre-application meeting for staff to review prior to the meeting. Staff may include representatives from the Planning Division, Engineering Department, Environmental Health Division, Housing Department, Transit and Trails, and Building Division. To understand the types of topics discussed, please review the standard agenda for Pre-Application Meetings: Pre-Application Meetings Agenda.
Are you ready for a Pre Application Meeting?
Eagle County Land Use Regulations (ECLUR) require a pre-application meeting to occur within two (2) months prior to the formal application being submitted. Many development applications require materials that must be produced by a licensed surveyor and/or engineer. These materials may take more than two (2) months for your to obtain, you should not apply for a pre-application meeting until you are sure all required application materials will be ready for a complete submission within two (2) months.

Do not submit for a pre-application meeting unless you can answer “yes” to each of the below:

  • Have you discussed your proposal with a Planner on Duty (POD)?
  • Did the POD tell you to email the Community Development Admin to schedule your pre-application meeting?
  • Do you know the exact property and parcel number for which you are applying?
  • Do you know the type of land use development permit application you are applying for, and have reviewed the appropriate land use development permit application materials checklist to ensure that all items on the checklist will be ready for submission within two (2) months?
  • If your property is within the jurisdiction of a HOA and/or Design Review Board (DRB), do you have their permission to proceed with your project?
  • Do you know what the legal water supply for your proposed project will be?
  • Do you have a reliable method for disposal of sanitary sewage available for your proposed project?
Prior to attend the pre-application meeting you need to have spoken to a Planner on Duty (POD) to discuss the project and the applicable Planning applications. If your proposal will involve a 1041 application and/or fall under any of the Natural Resource Protection Standards as stated in the Eagle County Land Use Regulations, Division 4-4, additional reports/maps may be required, but not limited to:
  • Wildlife Analysis
  • Geological Hazards Analysis
  • Slope Analysis Map
  • Impact Evaluation Report regarding the impacts of development
  • Vegetative Management Plan
  • Visual Analysis
  • Environmental Impact Report
  • Traffic Impact Study
  • Stormwater Control Plan
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
How to Schedule your Pre Application Meeting?
  • Pre-Application meetings are available on Thursdays.
  • To schedule a Pre-Application meeting, please start by contacting the planner on duty to ensure you are ready for a Pre-Application meeting by emailing or by calling 970.328.8746.
  • Pre-Application meetings can be accommodated in-person or virtual, please let the Community Development Admin know your preference.
  • Due to a high interest in submitting land use development permit applications, Eagle County is planning pre-application meetings roughly 4-6 weeks in advance.
Material Needed to Submit:
When the POD confirms you are ready to schedule a pre-application meeting they will also provide you with a required form you will submit with your official request for the meeting.
To have a successful pre-application meeting, applicants must provide enough relevant documentation for Eagle County to understand exactly what is being proposed, and what development constraints there may be on the subject property. If information is not provided for review at the pre-application meeting, it may delay the applicant as another meeting would be required. Review the relevant application checklist(s) the POD has directed you to and submit as much information off the checklist as feasible for the meeting. For materials on the checklist that will not be ready to submit for the pre-application meeting, ensure with your development team that they will be completed for a formal submission within two (2) months of the pre-application meeting. (ECLUR Section 5-210.C)
A pre-application meeting may be downgraded to a consultation if staff determines there is insufficient information provided by the applicant for staff to adequately understand the project.
Cancelation Procedures:
Canceling a pre-application meeting should be done in advance to ensure others who are waiting can fill an open slot. Day of cancellations are highly discouraged. To cancel, please contact Jill Ragaller, or 970-328-8751 at least 7 days prior to your scheduled meeting. When you are ready to reschedule your meeting, you will be offered the next available meeting date and time.
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