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What zone district is my property in?
Eagle County Land Use Regulations (ECLUR) Article 3 - Zone Districts
Find your property in the GIS Map.
Open the layers list and be sure the Zoning box is checked.
Search by address, parcel number or schedule number (do not include dashes or spaces in parcel numbers)
Is my property in a Planned Unit Development or standard zone district?
Eagle County Land Use Regulations (ECLUR) Article 3 - Zone Districts
Planned Unit Development (PUD). The PUD Guide serves as a governing document for land use and dimensional limitations on property located within a PUD. Eagle County PUD Guides
Standard zone district and zone district designations:
What are the allowed uses of my zone district?
Eagle County Land Use Regulations (ECLUR) Article 3 - Zone Districts
Allowable use land use table:
R" indicates uses allowed by right, where no additional zoning approvals, aside from building permits, are required.
"S" indicates uses that are allowed subject to Special Review. An application is reviewed by the Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners to determine whether the special use complies with the standards and requirements of the ECLUR.
"L" indicates uses that are allowed, subject to limited review, where applications are reviewed and approved by staff. Limited reviews typically do not include public hearings.
“N” indicates uses which are not allowed.
There may be specific use exceptions that could apply to your property depending on plat notes or the size of your property.
Contact the Planner on Duty: comdev@eaglecounty.us | 970-328-8746
What are the setbacks and size limitations on my property and what can go in the setback?
Eagle County Land Use Regulations (ECLUR) Article 3 - Zone Districts.
Dimensional limitations - Table 3-340
Properties located within a PUD will need to reference the setbacks established by the applicable PUD Guide.
What type of Land Use Application do I need?
Eagle County Land Use Regulations (ECLUR) Article 5 - Administration.
Combine my lot and an adjacent lot, adjust a lot line with my neighbor, or adjust my building envelope - Amended Final Plat.
Subdivide my lot:
Subdivision Exemption
Subdivision Minor Type A or Subdivision Minor Type B
I want to add an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), lockoff, or tiny home to my existing property, what do I need to know?
Eagle County Land Use Regulations (ECLUR) Article 3 - Zone Districts.
Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) definition
ADUs located within a PUD will need to reference the PUD Guide
ADUs located within a standard zone district:

Article 3, Section 3-310.A.: ADU’s are permitted as a use by right on parcels that conform with minimum lot size standards in the Resource (R) zone district and by Limited Review on parcels that conform with the minimum lot size standard in the Resource Limited (RL), Agriculture Limited (AL), Agriculture Residential (AR), Rural Residential (RR), and Residential Suburban Low Density (RSL) zone districts. An ADU may be allowed on legal, nonconforming lots or parcels subject to special review ( Article 6 section 6-120.A.2. - Non Conforming Legal Lots of Record).
Lockoff - an area of your home that can be locked off or separated by a locked door that has living quarters but does not include a stove.
Tiny Home
How do I obtain a Special Use Permit for Special Events?
Special Event Guidelines: Wedding, Special Event Venue, or Concert Venue.
Mass Gathering/Special Event Requirements: Article 3 Section 3-310.T. Mass Gatherings.
What if I want to grow marijuana on my property?
Eagle County Marijuana Information on marijuana growth, sales, manufacturing, or processing.
Marijuana Zoning requirements.
How do I review building permits and land use files for a particular parcel, address, or project?
Building permits and land use files are public records. To formally request records on a parcel, address, or project, please fill out the attached form and return it to the Eagle County Attorney’s office pursuant to the Colorado Open Records Act - CORA Request Document.
How do I address a new or existing Telecommunications facilities?
Like-for-like updates do not require additional or new permitting at current telecommunications locations.
Upgrades and additions to equipment may require a Limited Review Application.
Do I need a building permit?
Do I need a sign permit?
What should I do if I am moving a large amount of earth or dirt on my property?
You may need a grading permit or Right-Of-Way permit. Click here for more information
Contact Eagle County Engineering: engineering@eaglecounty.us | 970-328-3560
I think my neighbor is doing illegal or unpermitted work, what can I do?
Code Enforcement information.
Fill out a Code Enforcement complaint form.
Contact Eagle County Code Enforcement: comdev@eaglecounty.us | 970-328-8746
How do I schedule a Pre- Application Conference?
Article 5 Section 5-210. Pre Application Conference
Pre Application meetings are required prior to submitting a Land Use Application. The conference is designed to inform applicants of what the expected process will be and additional requirements.
Pre Application Conference Guidelines.
Contact Eagle County Planning to request a Pre Application Conference: comdev@eaglecounty.us | 970-328-8746
How can I participate in an Active Land Use Application that directly or indirectly impacts my property and/or community?
For comments regarding a specific project, you can send written email comments to planningcomments@eaglecounty.us, please be sure to include the file name. Sign up here to receive Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioner hearing update emails.
Eagle County welcomes the public to attend scheduled hearings and to make public comments in-person or virtually. 
What is Planning and why is it important?
Planning, specifically through the Eagle County Land Use Regulations (ECLUR), is used to preserve the public health, safety, and welfare of the community. The ECLUR protects property rights, ensures orderly development, and encourages economic development.
What are Community Area Plans ?
Community Area Plans are a detailed look at different sections of the County. Each of the Character Area Plans are divided into specific character areas and are intended to influence future land use applications.
What is a Comprehensive Plan?
The Comprehensive Plan and the associated Community Area Plans create a vision for the community by utilizing community input to create a plan that maps out the future of the community over the next 10 to 20 years. The long-range plans of the Eagle County are utilized to accomplish the community’s vision and values while recommending courses of action for future land uses by balancing the interests of different viewpoints in the community. Long-range plans are advisory documents, however, substantial conformance with an applicable long-range plan is required for some land use applications.
What is the Future Land Use Map?
The Future Land Use Map (FLUM) is used to visually communicate the community's vision and values while bringing together all the elements of the long-range plans. The FLUM informs rezoning applications or other changes in the proposed land use. However, the FLUM is not a zoning map and it is not rigid. Applicants have the ability to apply for exceptions from the FLUM and the policies of applicable long-range plans.
Can I have an Agricultural Building on my property?
Agricultural Building Permitting Requirements
Is a building permit required for the construction of an agricultural building in
unincorporated Eagle County?

The private use of agricultural buildings, on a lot over two (2) acres in size, are exempt from
obtaining a building permit provided the structure is used solely for agricultural purposes.
Agricultural Buildings are those buildings or structures on property zoned for this use,
constructed for the sole purpose of housing farm implements, hay, grain, poultry, livestock or
other horticultural products. This structure shall not be a place of human habitation.
Agriculture means farm or ranch uses, as defined in 39-1-102 C.R.S., including buildings for
shelter of farm or ranch animals or property primarily employed in any of the above uses. An
agricultural use may include those activities necessary to operate the agricultural business,
however, processing of agricultural products shall only be permitted when allowed in the
underlying zone district and when specifically approved for the subject property.
An Agricultural building cannot be used for any purpose other than those stated above.
The keeping of pleasure horses is not considered an agricultural use. Additionally, there
cannot be any parking of private vehicles (i.e. RVs, boats, etc) or storage of household items
within an agricultural structure. Such uses may require the reclassification of the building’s
occupancy type and require a building permit. Any change of use must be approved by
Eagle County Community Development. Eagle County requires the submission of an
affidavit confirming the agricultural use of such buildings.
What about other building, environmental health, and/or zoning related
permits and requirements?
Agricultural buildings are not exempt from other related permits such as electrical,
plumbing, mechanical, and/or grading permits. Zone district and related dimensional
requirements (i.e. height and setbacks limitations) also still apply. Floodplain development
permits or on-site wastewater treatment system (OWTS) permits and inspections may be
Please contact Eagle County Community Development at (970) 328-8730, or send an
email to comdev@eaglecounty.us , for all questions regarding applicable regulations
and/or permitting, Permit application information is also available on the Eagle County
website at: www.eaglecounty.us
Revised June 2023
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