Corrections and/or Revision Requests

Corrections and/or Revision Requests

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Complete Correction/Revision submittals result in faster review times

I need to submit corrections/comments to an Eagle County Corrections Report, for a permit still in review.
  • Your first round of review is complete, each department has identified corrections that need to be made
  • Eagle County will send a Corrections Report to all contacts. Each reviewing department on the corrections report will have a status of "Denied" if corrections need to be made or "Complete" if no other changes need to be made for department approval.
To submit corrections, we require the following at submittal:
    1. Typed Narrative explaining *what changes were made and *where on the plans the changes are located.
    2. (2) full size, clouded copies of ONLY the revised construction documents
      1. We prefer minimum 24" x 36" and a maximum of 30" x 40" paper. All drawings must be to scale. Drawings shall be clear and legible for plans examiners, field inspectors and builders on site for inspections.

**Please only provide revised documents for review. (Only the pages with changes from what was submitted prior)
**These revised documents are required to be physically slip sheeted into the "Office" and "Field" Plans sets in the Eagle County Office in Eagle Colorado.

I need to submit a revisions request to an already active and approved Permit.

1) Complete the Revisions Request Form
2) Bring a typed Narrative explaining *what changes are being requested and *where to find the changes
3) Bring (2) Full size, clouded copies of ONLY the revised construction documents

**The revised construction documents must be slip sheeted into the Office Plan set at our office
** A revision/correction starts your time clock over again at the back of the line for reviews. Depending on how many departments are required to review, you could be looking at up to 6 weeks for review.
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