Meet the Clerk and Recorder

Meet the Clerk and Recorder

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Regina O’Brien has been the Eagle County Clerk and Recorder since she was unanimously appointed by the Board of County Commissioners in December 2016 and elected by Eagle County voters in November 2018. Prior to becoming Clerk, Regina worked for almost four years directly under the former Clerk as the Chief Deputy Clerk and Recorder.

She leads a staff of 22 full-time employees in three locations who administer secure and accurate elections, manage the foundation of county government with the recording of property and other records, act as agents of the Department of Revenue in the issuance of vehicle titles and licenses, serve as the Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners, and manage liquor licenses in unincorporated Eagle County.
In 2021, Ms. O’Brien received her CERA (Certified Elections/Registration Administrator) certification through The Election Center and is also a Certified Elections Administrator in the State of Colorado. She currently serves on the Colorado County Clerks Association Elections Initiative Committee.

Ms. O’Brien came to Eagle County after graduating magna cum laude from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government and International Relations. She also holds a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Oregon.

She blends these two passions, local government and business administration, in her role as Clerk and has promoted a culture of service, efficiency and teamwork in the Clerk’s office.

During her time as Clerk, Ms. O’Brien has:

  • Administered eight secure Eagle County Elections, including two elections in 2020 conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Voter turnout was high in all elections, and staff and election judges remained healthy during the conduct of elections.
  • Added three additional 24-hour ballot boxes to ensure voting in Eagle County is secure and convenient for all voters. A total of seven 24-hour ballot boxes and four Voter Service Centers now operate in Eagle County (more than are legally required) so that voting options are accessible across the county.
  • Completed, with 100% accuracy, every post-election Risk Limiting Audit (RLA). RLAs verify, using paper ballots, that the results of each election are accurate.
  • Implemented a free Recorded Document Notification Service that sends email alerts to customers when a document is recorded using a monitored name. This service is designed to provide an early warning of potentially fraudulent activity that might otherwise go undetected.
  • Enrolled Eagle County in the Motor Vehicle Renewal Kiosk program which allows Eagle County vehicle owners to renew their license plates at multiple front-range kiosk locations, increasing the number of convenient ways vehicle owners can access services.
A culture of service, innovation and teamwork runs throughout the Clerk and Recorder’s Office. Ms. O’Brien looks forward to continuing to find ways to elevate the customer experience for Eagle County residents.
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