Curing (Resolving) Your Ballot Discrepancy

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Did you return your ballot and have since learned that your ballot hasn’t yet been accepted due to a discrepancy?  Ballot discrepancies may result because: 

  • Your signature is missing on the ballot return envelope. 
  • The signature on the ballot return envelope does not match signatures on file in your voter registration. 
  • An acceptable form of ID was not provided as required.
Curing (Resolving) Your Ballot Discrepancy
Ways you may have been notified of a ballot discrepancy
  • You received an email from which is the Eagle County Elections division. 
  • You received a letter in the mail. Eagle County Elections mails one of three letters to all voters with ballot discrepancies, within two days of identifying the discrepancy.  Examples of each of these letters will be available here after ballots are mailed: 
    • Missing Signature Letter (English)
    • Missing Signature Letter (Spanish) 
    • Signature Discrepancy Letter (English)
    • Signature Discrepancy Letter (Spanish)
    • Missing ID Letter (English)
    • Missing ID Letter (Spanish)
  • You received a notification from BallotTrax (information regarding BallotTrax). 
  • You checked your ballot status at   
  • A political organization that is not associated with Eagle County Elections called you. These organizations receive voter lists from the Secretary of State’s Office, and may choose to notify voters of ballot discrepancy issues.
Options to resolve your ballot discrepancy

Within two days of identifying a ballot discrepancy, Eagle County Elections will mail out discrepancy letters. If you receive a discrepancy letter, follow the instructions included in the letter and return the required documents by one of the options listed below.  If you have learned that your ballot has a discrepancy but you haven’t yet received the discrepancy letter that was mailed to you, please call 970-328-8715 or follow one of these options:   

  • Use your mobile phone to submit the required information using TXT2Cure. Instructions are included in the letter you received, and are also included below. 
  • Send email to
  • Visit a Clerk and Recorder office. Note that the Clerk and Recorder offices in Avon and Eagle are closed on election day. 
  • Visit a vote center. Vote centers are open until 7 p.m. on election day. 
Use your mobile phone to cure your ballot discrepancy: 
  • You'll need your Voter ID and an acceptable form of ID. Your Voter ID is on the letter you received, or you can obtain it at  A complete list of acceptable forms of ID is available HERE.  
  • On your phone:
    • Text the word "COLORADO" to the number 2868
    • Touch the link you receive in the reply text.
    • Click the "Cure My Ballot" button.
    • Enter your Voter ID number.
    • When prompted, provide your signature by signing the screen of your mobile phone.
    • When prompted, use your mobile phone’s camera to take a picture of an acceptable form of ID.
    • Click submit and you’re done.
More information about TXT2Cure is available HERE.
Deadline for curing (resolving) your ballot discrepancy

In order for your ballot to be counted, the discrepancy must be cured no later than the close of business eight days after the election, through 11:59 p.m. MT.  Postmarks do not count! 

If you miss the deadline, your ballot won’t count.  However, it is still important that you resolve the discrepancy even after the deadline.  All unresolved discrepant signatures will be turned over to the District Attorney's office for investigation.

Avoiding ballot discrepancies in the future
  • Sign your ballot return envelope consistently for each election. 
  • If your name has changed, if your signature has changed, or if you would like to see how you have signed previous ballot envelopes, please contact Eagle County Elections at or 970-328-8715.  
  • Check the name printed on the return ballot envelope to make certain you are signing and returning the correct envelope. People who reside together sometimes mistakenly place their ballot into the ballot return envelope belonging to another person, sign it, and return it.  

Other considerations: 

  • Parents may not sign ballot envelopes for their children. 
  • Spouses may not sign ballot envelopes for each other. 
  • A Power of Attorney does not apply to ballots. 

Please send email to or call 970-328-8715. We are happy to help! 

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