Coordinated Election, Nov 7, 2023

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Coordinated Election, November 7, 2023

Coordinated elections are conducted in odd years by the County Clerk and Recorder, on behalf of two or more political subdivisions that are hosting an election on the same day in November. As with all elections in Colorado, coordinated elections are conducted by mail ballot.  There is no registration deadline; voters can register and vote on the same day at any vote center, as long as they have lived in Colorado for 22 days prior to the election. 

The 2023 Eagle County Coordinated Election may include candidates and issues at the state, county, or local level. Ballot content will not be finalized until the second full week in September. 

Ballots must be received no later than 7 p.m. on Election Day. Postmarks don't count!  Read below for more election information.
Election Information
Haven't received your ballot?
Ballots were mailed on October 16. If you haven't received your ballot: 

  • Visit to confirm that your residential address and mailing address are correct. Make any changes if needed. If you make changes, your ballot will be queued to be mailed the next day. The last day we can mail ballots is October 30. If no changes are needed, please call our office at 970-328-8715. 
  • To be issued a replacement ballot in person:
  • Questions? Call 970-328-8715 or send email to 
Important Dates

Sept 19 Logic and Accuracy Testing, beginning at 9:00 a.m.  in the Garden Level Classroom of the Eagle County Building, 500 Broadway, Eagle.
Open to all members of the public and media. 
If additional time is needed, testing will continue on Wednesday, September 20 at 9:00 a.m.
Sept 23  Ballots mailed to eligible overseas and military (UOCAVA) voters
Oct 16  Ballots mailed to active registered voters, except UOCAVA voters
Oct 16  24-Hour ballot boxes open
Oct 30  Vote centers open in Eagle, El Jebel, and Avon
Oct 30 The last day to submit through the mail or online an updated application to register to vote and receive a replacement ballot by mail.  After Oct 30, stop into a vote center to be issued a ballot.
Nov 2  Vote center opens in Vail
Nov 7  Coordinated Election Day:  polls are open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  Ballots must be dropped in any Colorado county-controlled ballot box or vote center by 7 p.m. Postmarks do not count!
Nov 15  Last day our office may receive mailed overseas and military (UOCAVA) ballots, through 11:59 p.m. MT.
Nov 15  Deadline to cure (resolve) ballot envelope signature or ID required discrepancies, through 11:59 p.m. MT. 

2023 Colorado Election Calendar

Questions? Please contact Eagle County Elections at or 970-328-8715.
Register to Vote or Make Updates
Where to Return Your Ballot
All ballots must be received by 7 p.m. MST on Election Day, November 7, 2023.  Postmarks don't count! 
  • If you are in Eagle County, you may return your ballot to any Eagle County vote center or ballot box location.
  • If you are currently in another county in Colorado, your ballot will count if it is delivered to any Colorado county-controlled ballot box or vote center.  
  • If you opt to mail your ballot through the US Postal Service, it will required one Forever stamp. Please allow for plenty of time.  We recommend you mail your ballot on or before October 30.  After October 30, use one of the other options noted above. 
Notice of Election
Sample (Composite) Ballots

Composite ballot for the Coordinated Election

Boleta Compuesta para las elecciones Coordinada

NOTE:   A composite ballot is available for publication purposes only, and races and measures are included for all districts participating in the Coordinated Election.  The ballot you receive will only contain races and measures for which you are eligible to vote based on your Eagle County residential address. 

Tracking Your Ballot
Visit our Track Your Ballot page for options to track the stages of your ballot (including when it has been mailed, and when it has been received and accepted for counting). 

Ballots will be mailed to all active registered voters on October 16. If you don't receive your ballot within a reasonable time after this date, visit to confirm (and if necessary, update) your address information. 
Curing (Resolving) Your Ballot Discrepancy
TABOR Notice and Blue Book
Voting When Away From Home
Refer to Voting When Away from Home for options.
Accessible Voting

Voting for individuals who are in need of accessible or ADA-compliant options: 

  • Vote in person at any Eagle County vote center. By law, all vote center locations must meet ADA requirements and provide accessible voting options and facilities for voters with disabilities. 
  • Vote by accessing a downloadable ballot via a secure online platform. During the 22 days prior to and including election day, you can access the secure ballot return website and obtain a ballot. You will be guided through step-by-step instructions to complete and return your ballot. Please note: additional affidavits apply, and voters must attest to ADA need, under penalty of perjury. 

For more information or assistance:

Questions? Please contact Eagle County Elections at or 970-328-8715

Electioneering (aka, Campaigning) and Campaign Signs
Please contact Eagle County Elections at or 970-328-8715.
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