Rules and Regulations for Eagle County Open Space properties

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The following list of regulations is not comprehensive, and many individual properties have additional restrictions. When visiting an Open Space property, please familiarize yourself with the posted specific rules and regulations or contact Eagle County Open Space with any questions. Some general guidelines are below.

*New Zealand Mudsnails, an invasive aquatic species, have been found in Brush Creek in Eagle. Please see CPW's website for more information on how to reduce their spread.*

The comprehensive list of adopted rules and regulations for Eagle County Open Space including fees and appeals processes can be viewed here: 2021 Rules and Regulations Resolution

  • All Open Space properties are open from sunrise to sunset unless otherwise specified
  • Please pack out all trash or deposit in garbage cans - Leave no Trace
  • Please clean up after your pet. Bags and trash cans are provided at most trailheads.
  • Stay on designated routes and trails. Remember, a muddy trail is a closed trail.
  • Removal or collection of plants, animals, antlers/horns, fungi, or rocks is prohibited.
  • Disturbing or harassing wildlife is prohibited. If wildlife is present, please keep pets leashed and give the wildlife their space.
  • All commercial operators must have a valid permit from Eagle County Open Space if operating on Open Space properties
  • No camping or fires outside of designated campsites
  • Pets must be under the owner's control at all times. Property specific leash laws apply and are posted at specific Open Space properties.
  • Special events and programs are prohibited unless permission is granted by Eagle County Open Space.
  • Use of fireworks is prohibited
  • Hunting and the use of weapons including firearms is prohibited unless otherwise posted
  • Launching of drones is prohibited.
  • Motorized trail access, including electronic motors (e-bikes), ATV’s, and OHV’s is prohibited.
Many of Eagle County Open Space trails are multi-use, with the possibility of encountering horses, bikes, or hikers at any time. Please be respectful of your fellow trail users and share the trail.
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