AIP Project No. 3-08-0020-064-2021

AIP Project No. 3-08-0020-064-2021

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Sealed bids, subject to the conditions contained herein, for improvements to the Eagle County Regional Airport, Gypsum, Colorado, AIP Project No. 3-08-0020-064-2021 will be received by the Eagle County Regional Airport, Airport Administrations Office, Gypsum, Colorado, 81637, until Wednesday, April 5, 2023, at 11:00 A.M., and then publicly opened and read aloud.

The work involved will include the following:

Schedule I - Taxiway A Rehabilitation
Schedule II - Hangar Apron Area and Taxiway B4 Rehabilitation (Non-Federal)
Schedule III - Long Term Parking Lot Rehabilitation (Non-Federal)
Schedule IV - Construct Snow Storage Area (Non-Federal)
Schedule V - Widen Taxilane (Non-Federal)

The approximate quantities of major bid items involved in the proposed work are:

P-101b-Asphalt Pavement Removal (Partial Depth)-SY-123,770
P-152a-Unclassified Excavation-CY-17,000
P-209a-Crushed Aggregate Base Course-CY-11,417
P-401a-Bituminous Paving Course (PG 76-28)-TON-41,350
L-125d-Install L-861T LED Taxiway Edge Light, Base Mounted, Complete-EA-254

Construction for this project is expected to take 108 calendar day(s).

Documents: Copy of EGE AIP 064 TW A Rehab - Invitation for Bids.pdf
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